May Crafty Ideas by Craft Caravan

Summer Sunsets – June Kids Craft Club

Summer Sunsets Crafts Mark the first day of summer this June with two fun crafts from the Kids Craft Club!  Make a summer sunset picture with shades of pink, yellow and orange – add some black shadows to create a perfect sunset!  Then get ready for the ‘longest’ day of the year with a summer lantern craft.  Hang your lantern in your room or carry it with you to celebrate long summer days fast approaching!


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Fundraising Fun!

Fundraise  with Card Making Kits If your child’s group or organization is looking for ways to raise funds, book a card-making-kit fundraiser with Craft Caravan!  A fundraiser that’s truly for the kids – raise funds and have fun!  Visit our website or contact us for more information.

Crafty Idea – Magestic Eagle Craft

Spotting an eagle is a rare and exciting occasion, so we were thrilled to have three separate sightings on Saturday.  Here’s a crafty idea drawn from our eagle sightings:

Supplies: toilet paper roll, 1 piece of facial tissue, elastic band, newsprint or cotton balls, brown, white, and yellow construction paper, googly eyes, glue, needle and thread (optional)

Toilet Roll Eagle Craft Directions:

  1. Scrunch newsprint into a ball (or bunch cotton balls) and place in centre of facial tissue to make eagle head.
  2. Position head at the end of toilet paper roll, and secure with elastic band.  Cut 2 wings out of brown construction paper: cut an arc that is longer than toilet paper roll to make top edge of wings.  Cut ‘feathers’ into bottom edge of wings.  Glue wings onto toilet roll.

3. Cut tail feathers out of white construction paper and glue onto toilet roll.  Cut beak from yellow paper, and glue   beak and eyes onto head.

4. Optional: Poke holes into eagle body at top edge of wings and just before the tail.  Loop string through and tie so that you can hang onto the string and make your eagle fly!

Simple Science – Colourful Flowers

My crafty kids noticed that the flowers they got me for Mother’s Day had turned the water pink!  I explained that some flowers are dyed to change their colour, and they wanted to try this at home.  Here’s how:

Mix 20-30 drops of food colouring into ~1 cup of water, and pour the mixture into a flower vase.  Using a white flower, cut the bottom tip of the stem off, and place the flower into the water container.  Let the flower sit and check back periodically to see if the colour has changed.  This can take a whole day!  The flower will slowly change colour as the water moves from stem to petals, showing how flowers ‘drink’ water from their base through to the flower tips.

Five Minute Fun – Dandelion Bouquet

Dandelion Bouquet No one really likes weeding, but collecting ‘wild flowers’ to make a bouquet is fun for everyone!  Enlist the kids to help with the weeding by collecting a dandelion bouquet!  The bouquet won’t last very long, but it looks pretty while fresh, and it guarantees that those nasty little seeds won’t be spreading!