Here’s what our customers are saying about Craft Caravan’s Kids Craft Club:

“Taylor loves receiving her green package!  Her mailman is as excited as she is when he delivers it to her because of her reaction.  So sweet!”
– Denise, Grandma of Taylor

“Your crafts are such a hit that I would like to renew for one year.  Thanks again”
Lezlie, grandma of Jordyn, 4 years

“Both my kids are having a blast and they are so happy when they see the bright green envelop in the mail! …..I may add that my son is jealous of his sister getting the envelope under her name 🙂 ”
– Marie-Claude, mom of Anne-Sophie, 7 yrs, and little brother

“I truly appreciate the lovely and wonderful business you have created and what you stand for.”
– Nancy, mom of Felix, 4 years

“My son Kaden get’s his monthly craft (and loves it!)….Every week he asks if his craft package is in the mail!)”
– Janet, mom of Kaden, 7 years

“My daughter loves the craft club. She has the best time doing the crafts and loves getting mail. Such a great idea!”
– Kelly, mom of Olivia

“I want to renew my granddaughter’s subscription…..she just loves when your envelope arrives each month, and my daughter-in-law says that the crafts packages are the BEST present ever!”
   – Susan, Grandma of Cassidy, 8 years

“My family loves what you do and every time we get the mail our daughter asks if her supplies are here yet!”
– Jessica, mom of Annika, 4 years

“Our granddaughter is delighted with the crafts–her mother even more so as she doesn’t have to wrack her brains for a new project. Keep up the good work.”
– Nancy, Grandma of Jordyn, 8 years

“She LOVES getting the mail and crafts!!!  Great idea, I’ve passed it on to a few friends 😉 ”
– Niki, mom of Paisley,7 years

“Thanks. My daughter and granddaughter enjoy the craft packages so much. I was even able to make masks with Jordyn when I visited a few months ago.”
– Lezlie, Grandma of Jordyn, 3 years

“Luke loved it so much last year that we’re enrolling him again. Thank you!”
          – Karen, Grandma of Luke, 4 years

“Thank you for providing such a fabulous outlet for creativity.”
          – Wanda, Grandma of Fraser

“It is a highlight of her day when the envelope full of fun comes in the mail for her! Keep up the good work with your enterprise…..you are definitely pleasing alot of little crafters and their moms and grandmoms!”
         – Jody, Grandma of Lauren, 8 yrs

“Thank You and happy new year! My kids absolutely love it…..even my nine year old!!!!”
         – Tracy Johnson, mom of Jayda & Hunter

“Keri’s kits are thoughtful and fun. My kids have enjoyed many of them.”
        –  Susan, mom of Kids Craft Club members

“I’d like to express my HUGE thank you to Craft Caravan for making myself closer to my family in Brazil! My mom called me last Friday to say that my niece Vitória had received the green envelope and she got extremely excited and happy about it! Vitória was so amazed by the fact that she received a package from her aunt (me), her cousin (Noah) and her uncle (my husband) in Canada (she knows we live VERY far from her)! Hehehehehehe…Thank you again for this beautiful work you do!!! God bless!”
– Carla, mother of Noah

“Thank you so much.  Fraser had a wonderful time making his flag…..You have a happy little new customer….  You are a pleasure to do business with, my dear.”
– Wanda, Grandma of Fraser

“The girls have really enjoyed the crafts, and I’ve enjoyed the easy creativity that comes with every green envelope!”
– Maureen, mom of Samantha and Elizabeth

“My daughter and I love your crafts!!! Thanks for sharing all your creative ideas and your crafts!”
– Eileen, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“Zoe loves her crafts. She looks forward to picking up the mail and discovering what her craft will be. She treats all the materials with respect because they are very special to her. I love that she becomes even more creative by springboarding off her monthly crafts.  We now have a whole wall of displayed crafts. 🙂 “
                     – Rebecca, mom of Zoe

“The kits are great and the customer service is absolutely fabulous!”
– Jennifer, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“I must say I am getting enthusiastic feedback from the children about the crafts…such a good idea!”
-Helen, Grandma of Kids Craft Club members

“We love your crafts…”
– Krista, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“We love your program….”
– Jane, mom of Abby

“thank you so much – just got our first envelope and LOVE IT!!”
– Kath, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“My 3 kids receive your monthly craft package and they love it”
– Julie, mom of Kids Craft Club members

“Last Christmas I gave my granddaughters a year of Craft Caravan each.  They loved it so much, that I would like to give it to them this year again.”
– Sue, Grandma to two Kids Craft Club subscribers

“We started subcribing to Craft Caravan a few months ago and the kids run to the mailbox to check for the next big green envelope!”
– Shawna, web comment form at True Cuddles

“We haven’t been a member yet a year but every craft we have received our 3-year old daughter (and us) have thoroughly enjoyed doing.  We love the fact that no matter the age group, they can pretty much do 95% of it on their own.  IT’S GREAT!”
– Angela, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“You truly have an excellent service!”
Jennifer, mom of Parker & Griffin

“I loved our very first green envelope so much that I will be signing up our daughters’ cousins as well!”
Michele, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“Thank you for your creativity and good business.  My grandaughter enjoyed and looked forward to receiving your imaginative crafts.”
– Ann, Grandma of Kids Craft Club member

“My daughter loves getting that green envelope!”
– Ellen, mom of Ulani, 5 yrs

“My daughter really loved the seeded flower craft (she’s 2 1/2 with a green thumb) and was torn between keeping the seeds for herself or giving the card to her older sister, which she did.”
– Lorri, mom of Kids Craft Club member

“My niece looks forward to getting her green envelope every month!  She watches the calendar, counting the days!  Thanks for all your hard work.  It certainly has made my life much easier in the gift giving department.”
– Paula, Auntie to Kids Craft Club member

“My granddaughter has thoroughly enjoyed the three-month’s of craft projects she has received from you.  Her mother is also very impressed and they enjoy doing the craft projects together….Since I live so far away from where they live, I still feel involved because they tell me about each craft project and send iphone pictures.  Thank you!”
– Susan, Grandma to Melanie

“I must say my daughter Anna Claire and I have loved all the crafts! Hence our re-orderIng!!  We both especially enjoyed the holiday wreath and the snowflake/snowman garland! They were brilliant ideas and looked so beautiful, even when completed by a 3 3/4 yr old!!”
– Eileen, mom of Anna Claire (3 yrs)

We just received our first envelope and we LOVED it.”
                        -Jennifer, mom of Parker (5 yrs) and Griffin (3 yrs)

“Thanks so much for the crafts!  The kids loved the turkey and can’t wait to do the spider one next.  I loved not having to plan anything, and still getting to see joy on the kids faces!!  We will look forward to them every month.”
-Shauna, mom of Kids Craft Club members

We just completed our first craft from you, the spider web! My 3 year old LOVES it! Thank you.”
                        -Carrie, mom of Quinn (3 yrs)

“We’ve loved recieving Craft Caravan green envolopes for the past year or so…… It really has been a fantastic service!”
– Lisa, mom of Robyn

” …..As for the crafts – we continue to love them.  They are just the right level of difficulty which somehow felt right when she was age 3 and still feels right at age 5 – I’m impressed!  Thanks so much we love our subscription.  We’ve even bought gift subscriptions.”
                                – Beth, mom of Elizabeth (5 yrs)

“All the crafts have been excellent. I was a little unsure when I first joined about wether this would be worth the money, thinking I should be doing this for my daughter. However it has been fabulous! The ideas have been great, great variety, my daughter is always very excited to get the mail.”
– Kids Craft Club member, website feedaback form

“This was our first time receiving the crafts and they were a hit!  Thank you.”

“The bird feeder craft was the biggest hit in our house.  Amelia runs out every day to check it and she’s sure every bird in the city has come to eat at our house.”
-Kirsten, mom of Amelia (3 yrs)

” The Kids Craft Club is a wonderful way to get in a monthly dose of craft time with my 3 year old son!  He looks forward to the shiny green envelope every month.  As a teacher and mom, I am impressed that the crafts are so different each month and allow my son to practise a variety of different preschool skills- gluing, colouring, arranging, as well as inspiring creativity!  The best part is seeing how proud he is of his creation once it is complete!  Thank you Craft Caravan for teaching, inspiring and lending a busy working mom a helping hand!”
-Tricia, mom of Clive (3 yrs)

“My son gets your monthly subscription and loves it!…..”
                                     -Melissa, mom of Matthew (2 yrs)

“…..we love our Craft Caravan envelopes and we need to make sure we keep getting them!  Thanks for all the hard work you must put in”
                                     -Lisa, mom of Robyn (3 yrs)

“My 4-year old daughter has been a Craft Caravan subscriber for close to 2 years.  She literally jumps up and down when her green envelope arrives in the mailbox!  She can complete the crafts with minimal help and it’s great that the themes are relevant to the time of year.   Best of all, I don’t have to do any of the prep work!”
                                    -Wendy, mom of Eve (4 yrs)

We love finding the shiny green envelopes in the mailbox!  I kept a couple of month’s projects unopened and brought them to the cottage.  It was fabulous to be able to bring self contained projects on the road.  They were perfect on a rainy day
– Susan, mom of Audrey (6 yrs) and Kenji (4 yrs)

It is fantastic!…..I love the peaceful moment that it gives me with my daughter where we can just enjoy something fun to do together.  That’s my favorite part about the crafts…
– Beth, mom of Elizabeth (3 yrs)

I did the crafts you sent with the boys this weekend – they were awesome.  Easy, fun and great end product.  Thank you so much….
– Michelle, mom of twin boys Jakob and Ryan (3 yrs)

“Ainslee LOVES it when the green envelope comes for her…..”
– Shelly, mom of Ainslee (3 yrs)

“I just wanted to say, Good Work!  When my husband Rob Lewis of Kitsilano.ca “fame”, asked me to try out the crafts you sent to Georgia I was a bit skeptical (okay, so I’m not overly crafty).  The two projects were easy, fun and they kept Georgia totally focused.  :-)”
– Jennifer, mom of Georgia (2 yrs)

“Sarah loves her monthly crafts!  She is so excited when she sees the green envelope in the mail!”
– Julie, mom of Sarah (3 1/2 yrs)

“….your monthly crafts are AWESOME!!  My three year old daughter and I have now had two months of crafts and we both look forward to our shiny green envelope!  Thanks so much.”
– Lisa, mom of Annika (3 yrs)

“I bought some birthday and anytime card kits for my children from Craft Caravan, and it’s been the best thing ever… now I never have to run out to buy birthday cards (or any cards for that matter), and my kids have a blast making them! Everyone loves getting their special handmade cards and I feel like supermom!”
– Sharon, mom of Elyjah (5 yrs) and Indah (2 yrs)

“Just wanted to let you know that Rileigh loved the fish bowl craft. The sparkle sand was a huge hit. So much so that all the fish are ‘sparkle fish’!”
– Tammie, mom of Rileigh (3 yrs)

“The kids were jumping around the house with excitement when they got their green envelopes!  I had to persuade them to take a break from the crafts so that I could feed them lunch. It generated serious enthusiasm!  I really liked too that the craft could be done fairly simply and look great, or you could get as ornamental as you liked.  The combination of special kid mail and great activities is a huge winner.”
– Kelly, mom of James (5 yrs) and Ayla (2 yrs)

“I have to tell you that we pulled out the card kit on Saturday morning and had the best time with it.  Seriously a solid hour + of focused play, our two-year old even got in on the action!”                                                                         – Annemarie, mom of two preschooler girls

“Ben and I have never had so much fun together on a craft project.  Craft Caravan provided the perfect amount of materials and they were so fun….I will definitely be including Craft Caravan in my future rainy day projects”
– AJ, mom of Ben (6 yrs) and Mairin (3 yrs)

 ” Ella loves her green envelopes from Craft Caravan.  Thanks for being a creative genius, it’s a life saver to turn to when trying to cook supper with my little miss by my side…..”
– Emily, mom of Ella (4 yrs)

” Our family has been having a great time with the card making kits.  We’ve got so many events to go to, and the kids have been making cards for all of them!  I’m amazed at the new ways they use the materials every time they make a card.  We’ve really been enjoying the kits – thanks!”
                           – Emmeline, mom of Jacob (7), Acacia (5), Nathanial (3)

“I just wanted to let you know that Aly and I just did the Wind Chime craft and it was a huge hit!  She has hung it from numerous trees and now it hangs on our front door handle.  What a great idea!”                                         – Dana, mom of Aly (2 1/2 yrs)