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December 2011: “This is a great idea for gifts from family as we all know kids LOVE getting mail.” (more)


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December 2011: “Not crafty, or the parents aren’t crafty?  I recently was sent a package from Craft Caravan which will send monthly craft projects directly to your home…..The crafts are seasonal and very creative.  PLUS it has the bonus of being mailed – and what child doesn’t love getting mail?” (more)


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December 2011: ” I just signed my girls up for the monthly Craft Club from Craft Caravan.  I checked out several different craft clubs online, and this one seemed to have the cutest packages.(more)



November 2011: “Enter Craft Caravan, the answer to every strapped-for-time and/or non-crafty parent’s prayers.  In a nutshell, this awesome company will deliver little eco-friendly packages of kid contentment right to your doorstep every month…..”  (more)



November 2011: ” They sent us their November Craft Kit and the girls and I had all kinds of crafty fun playing with it!…..” (more)


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November 2011: “The Lil Divas enjoyed using the supplies. The packet was well put together to fit the theme for the season. It contains ideas on how to use the materials and it was very easy to use.  Overall, this would be great for busy parents who do not have time to plan crafts, the craft challenged or anyone looking to give a unique gift (that keeps on coming month to month – yay!)…..(more)


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January 2011: “Craft Caravan is a great Vancouver based business that will send a complete craft kit to your home every month through their fantastic Kids Craft Club!…” (more)


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October 2010: “Since its September 2007 launch, Craft Caravan has sold kits to kids from Australia to Brazil, and even the United Arab Emirates….” (more: USA Edition or Canadian Edition)


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February 2010: “…when I discovered this lovely little Vancouver-based business called Craft Caravan that sends kids’ crafts kits straight to your home every month, I said YESSSSS. Because despite knowing crafts, I kind of stink at them. And it appears that Craft Caravan may be the answer to this rare area of weakness I have….” (more)

January 2010: “….crafts are themed around the calendar and your kids can make them as sophisticated (or as basic) as they want….it might be the most inexpensive Olympic activity you do….” (more)

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December 2009: “Love doing crafts with your kids but often find yourself coming up dry when it comes to ideas? We sure know what that feels like. That’s why we love the once a month craft kit by Craft Caravan…..” (more)


November 2009: “…..Craft Caravan is a great way to spark your childs creativity and take a little pressure off of you!  You can sign up for a 3 month to 12 month subscription.   What a unique gift idea for birthdays, buy them some creativity that lasts for up to a year!” (more)


September 2009: “….Craft Caravan has sent us great projects that would be most ideal for children ages 3-9.  ….we hope that you join their Kids Craft Club so that your children can experience the same fun time that we had making our Fall Crafts.” (more)

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May 2009: “….Craft Caravan provides everything you need for crafting one-of-a-kind projects, not to mention a healthy dose of fun. They make it easy to provide entertainment without endless planning, preparation, or missing supplies! Delight your kids with a shiny green envelope of crafts and oodles of creativity each month!” (more)


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April 2009:  “…ideal for parents out there that aren’t that crafty themselves…. Everything your child needs to complete a craft is provided, along with some fun facts about each project subject.  The preparation element was certainly a key feature for me.” (more)
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November 2008: “….Craft Caravan’s Kids Craft Club sends your child a shiny green envelope in the mail each month with everything they need to make something crafty. All you need to supply is a glue stick….” (more)

August 2008:  “…..Considering my daughter’s reaction, I would not hesitate to recommend you take a look at Craft Caravan and consider ordering from this company…..” (more)
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June 2008:  “….For all you crafty moms, dads and kids out there: I received a few of Keri’s projects in the mail.  Lily, our two-year-old worked with our nanny to do the butterfly project together….I have to say it turned out quite beautifully….” (more)
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June 2008: “….we knew that we had a winner. No longer do we have to scramble to find craft supplies in the closet. The kits have it all. The instructions are easy to follow and the projects are fun and simple to do. Even if your child is not at the stage of following crafts by direction, they can still have fun with the supplies and create something with the help of their imagination…..” (more)
April 2008:  “….even the most artsy mom can use some help.  Which is why we flipped for the ingenious Vancouver-based Craft Caravan that mails your kids new creative projects every month….”  (more) 
April 2008:  “….He had such a great time designing the card with all of the stickers, glitter and various shapes and papers.  It didn’t look as professional as the $7.00 store bought cards, but you know what – it was better, it was priceless…..” (more)
February 2008:  “….We’re clearing out the craft-cupboard (or at least making some room next to the junk drawer) because the Craft Caravan has just pulled up and they’re here to deliver some creative fun with all the fixings…” (more)
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November 2007: Holiday GIft Guide Recommendation – Craft Caravan Kids Card Making Kits  (more)