Crafty Ideas April 2010

Barnyard Babies – May Kids Craft Club


Spring is full of new life, which means the barn yard will be full of wobbly legs and new little voices.  Use this month’s craft supplies to fashion your own baby barn yard animals – whether it be a calf, a lamb, or even a little foal, your pretend barn yard will soon be full of little animals learning to walk under the watchful eye of their proud owner – you! 

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Crafty Idea – Twiggy Blossoms

Make a Twig blossom with tissue flowers!
Supplies: twig or branch (found on the ground), small tissue squares in pink or white, glue 


  1. Make sure that the twig you’re using is dry
  2. Dab a drop of glue onto the twig. Pinch tissue together around the twig, gluing it together and scrunching to make it look like a blossom.
  3. If wrapping the tissue around the twig is too difficult, simply scrunch tissue and stick into the glue on the twig
  4. Repeat with tissue squares up and down the length of your twig branches so that your twig is now in full bloom
  5. Display in a vase or bottle


Crafty Idea – Name That Monster

If you met a monster with the same name as you, what would it look like?  Make your monster to find out!  Thanks to our Crafty Girl’s school teacher for this fun idea!

Supplies: construction paper or other paper, pencil crayons, crayons, or markers, decorating supplies such as googly eyes, pompoms, yarn, fabric pieces

Make a Monster from your name!

  1. Fold your paper in half, lengthwise
  2. Print or write your name across the entire length of the paper, making sure that the folded edge is at the bottom of your name
  3. Cut the paper around the tops of the letters of your name
  4. Open the paper up, and turn it over so that your name is underneath.  Now you have your monster body (see photo)
  5. Decorate your monster by adding a face, colouring, and/or using decorating supplies.
  6. Just like you, every monster will be unique!