Kids Craft Ideas for September 2007

Autumn Leaves Are Falling Down…

Summer is on the way out and fall is on the way in, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to end. The kids can trade in their bathing suits and flip flops for some fabulous fall activities! Rake up a pile of leaves for instant entertainment – running, jumping, throwing – the leaf-pile options are seemingly endless. If you don’t have enough leaves to make a pile, or if you just get tired or raking, check out the below suggestions for some easy fall-time crafts that take advantage of the season and are great for the little ones:

Simple Birdfeeder:

Supplies: 1/2 bagel, peanut butter*, bird seed, string, old newspaper

Directions: Spread peanut butter over bagel. Pour bird seed onto newspaper and press bagel (peanut butter side down) firmly into seed. Tie onto a tree or fence post with string.

*honey or other nut butters are good alternatives

Leaf Rubbings:

Supplies: writing paper or other text-weight paper, crayons, placemat or newspaper, fall leaves

Directions:   Go outside and collect your favorite fall leaves.  Be sure to choose leaves that aren’t overly brittle.  Position the leaves vein-side up on placemat or newspaper.  You can secure with tape underneath so they don’t move during rubbing, if desired.  Lay writing paper over leaves.  Peel paper off crayon, lay the crayon on its side, and rub over the paper.  Watch your beautiful leaves appear!

Fun Facts About Arts and Crafts

Let’s learn a little bit about how it all started……

The first pigments used in painting were ground from earth, minerals, and organic matter. Most pigments are now made chemically and are more permanent.

The word ‘cartoon’ originally comes from painting terminology. It relates to a preliminary but fully worked sketch from which the outlines could be translated to a painting.

Jokes Jokes Jokes!!

Our kids (2yrs and 5 yrs) have spent many a meal tossing knock knock jokes around the table. Most of theirs don’t make sense to us, and we don’t even really get the “funny” ones, but the kids love them. Try these classics with your kids and see what they come up with when it’s their turn!

Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Dwayne Who?
Dwayne the Bathtub! I’m Dwowning!

Knock Knock
Who’s There?
Egg who?
Eggscuse me!

Five Minute Fun

Need a fast and easy way to entertain your kids? Give them a paint brush and some water, and set them free. Try painting coloured construction paper or tiles inside, or if you’re outside let them loose on the fence or sidewalk. The only hazard? Spillage! Make sure any important papers are out of the way, and be prepared for them to get a little bit wet.