Craft Ideas for October 2012: Crafty Halloween Treats, Spider crafts, hibernation crafts

Last Call to order Crafty Treats!

Kids Crafts for Halloween Only one week left to order in time for Halloween!  Love Halloween but tired of how many sweets the kids collect?  We’ve got a crafty solution!  Give away Wikki Stix Halloween treats – each package contains 8 Wikki Stix and a fun Halloween design.  It’s a great Halloween treat for kids of all ages (and you won’t be tempted to eat the leftovers!)  Order Here

Set of 50 Halloween Treats – $21.99

October Kids Craft Club: Spider Webs

Spider Crafts October 2012 Join the Kids Craft Club to receive spidery craft supplies. October is the time of year when it’s hard not to bump into a spider web, so we’re getting crafty and making our own!  This craft package is a great way to get ready for Halloween by making some decorations, and it’s also a way to engage kids in nature…..observe a spider at their web, then try your hand making your own!

This month’s crafts are brought to you by the colours Black and Purple! Start your Kids Craft Club subscription with the October crafts!

November Kids Craft Club Sneak Peak

Make some Animal Masks!

November’s Kids Craft Club theme is all about Hibernating animals.   We’re making some masks so that we can look like animals that hibernate.  Join the Kids Craft Club to receive Animal Mask craft supplies. Learn about which animals hibernate and then transform yourself into a hibernating animal with your finished masks.  All the supplies you need to make & wear Hibernating Animals Masks are included.

This month’s crafts are brought to you by the colours Brown, White, and  Black. Start your Kids Craft Club subscription with November by noting ‘November’ on your order form.  Join Kids Craft Club

New Pinboards for October: Spiders and Halloween!

 Halloween crafts fall crafts spider crafts fingerprint crafts Find our favourite do-it-yourself Halloween decorations, and more spider crafts on our latest pinboards.

London Ontario Families – Two for One at Bump!

London Bump Baby & Toddler Expo London’s Baby and Toddler show is back, and Craft Caravan newsletter subscribers can enjoy 2 for 1 admission! Click on the Bump logo to open and print.


Customer Quote for monthly Kids Crafts

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Kids Crafts for February, Spring Break Crafts and Valentine Crafts

February Kids Craft Club: Treasure Boxes

Treasure Chest Crafts, Mardis Gras Piggy Bank Craft The February Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the colours Red, Pink and Purple!  February is all about treasures and special mail, so we thought some Treasure Boxes were in order.  Assemble materials into a keepsake box, mail container, or piggy bank, and decorate with a selection of colourful craft supplies and shapes.   Join the Kids Craft Club before February 23rd to get your Treasure Boxes package.   Easy for you and fun for your kids, the Kids Craft Club sparks creativity with new eco-friendly crafts every month.


March Kids Craft Club: Rainbows and Butterflies

March Crafts for Kids Rainbow crafts pot of gold crafts mobile craft butterfly craft The March Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the entire rainbow!!   This month look for butterflies to arrive at your door, in all the colours of the rainbow!  Make a rainbow mobile, decorate butterflies, or make a spring collage!  But wati!!  Which colour of the rainbow is MISSING??  How can you add that colour into your creations?  Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the March crafts by noting ‘March’ in your order.  Subscribe here.

Spring Break Craft Supply Package Available Now!

Spring Crafts and Spring Craft Supplies

(Available in limited qty)

Families are already starting to plan for spring break, and there’s no doubt that the kids will be looking for something fun to do around the house!  Stock up on spring crafts with this craft supply package!  Includes:

  • lacing disk, thread, and needle
  • Sticky butterfly collage board
  • 4 piece plain puzzle to decorate
  • Weather weaving mat and weaving strips
  • Bird or butterfly stained glass shape
  • Cardstock Flower to decorate
  • Decorating supplies (papers, shred, shapes, etc) & idea guide


Valentines Day Fruit Party

Valentines Day party Snack Ideas Planning a Valentines Day celebration?  Anastasia over at Heathly Mama, has taken care of the food menu.  Try one, or all of her healthy treat ideas on Valentines Day!   See her recipes here, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for some easy craft ideas too!

Valentines Day – 3 Easy Valentine Card Ideas

Make Valentines Day Cards for the whole class

Here are three easy craft ideas that will get the kids engaged and excited about Valentines day.  Fun crafts that don’t take a lot of time to complete and use very basic supplies.  We even have one that’s inspired by our son and is geared towards boys.  Your child can make one for everyone in his or her class!

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Heart wreath by


View our collection of Valentine Craft Ideas on our latest crafty pin board.  Fantastic craft ideas from across the web

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October Crafts, Halloween Crafts, Nature Crafts, Sensory Activities

Mystery Mask – October Kids Craft Club

Halloween theme, pumpkin craft, mask craft The October crafts from the  Kids Craft Club are brought to you by the colours orange, black and green!!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s only a few days left to subscribe for this craft package.

October is full of mystery – trees stand like skeletons with their leaves on the ground, the wind seems to whistle just a little bit more, and kids gear up all month long to celebrate Halloween!

 Use this month’s craft supplies to make a mask, transform a pumpkin into a jack o’lantern, or create spooky halloween shadows.   Everything you need for Halloween crafts is inside your Kids Craft Club envelope!

Subscribe by September 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of October.

Halloween Party Crafts!

If you’re planning a Halloween party, be sure to include some craft time!  Halloween themes are endless, and we at Craft Caravan can’t get enough of spiders and bats!  These Halloween Party crafts are fun for during the party, or craft them before hand and hang them around for decorations!  Be sure to order soon, as quantities are limited!

Halloween Crafts for Kids Spider Theme Clothes pin bat decoration or clip craft Halloween themed yoyo for kids to decorate
Spider and Web Craft Bat Clothes PIn Craft Wooden YoYo Spider Craft

Three Nature Craft Ideas with Sticks

Kids Nature Crafts with sticks and twig crafts Our kids can’t seem to get enough sticks for their collection, so we put together some fun crafts to showcase their favourites and keep the collection at bay.  Get step by step directions for making a leafy tree, a recycled can vase or pencil holder, and a stick person drawing – see instructions here

Kitchen with Kids – Squishing Tomatoes

Here’s a great tactile activity for home or at a sensory table in preschool.  Have the kids squish some tomatoes!  You can use fresh tomatoes and teach about composting while you’re at it, or use canned whole tomatoes.  Our kids loved the ooey gooey feeling of the tomatoes squishing through their hands, making us think this would be a great slimy activity for a Halloween party too!  Read what we did for this activity, or watch our tomato talk and the kids squishing.

Craft Ideas and Tips on the Web

Craft Caravan is on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and we want you to join us!  We’re using Twitter to send out craft tips and ideas from around the web, and we use Facebook to notify of contests, new blogs, and fun crafty videos we’ve made (posted to our YouTube channel).  Join us to get free crafty content regularly as soon as we find or create it!

Craft Kit Giveaway –  Child’s Artist Sketch Pad

Kids themed sketch pad Congratulations to Michele, who won this month’s craft kit draw from our homepage!

This month we’re pleased to give away an Artist’s Sketch pad with a fun print in either Elegant Oval, or Nuts and Bolts .  These pads have a kraft cover, 40 printed tear off sheets, and are 7- 1/2 x 6 -1/2″ when closed.  Phthalate free and printed with non toxic inks.  Great to keep on hand for the elegant artist in the family.

We’ll be contacting Michele by email to get shipping information for your Artist’s Sketch Pad.  You can enter next month’s draw here.

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September Kids Crafts, Kitchen with Kids, and Kids Craft Supplies

‘Leaf’ It to Me – September Kids Craft Club

Fall Leaf crafts for kids September Crafts – Leaf Placemat Crafts and Bookmark Crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s only a few days left to subscribe for this craft package.

Summer has passed in the blink of an eye, and it’s time to get back into the fall routine.  Nature has it’s own routine in the fall, which means we can look forward to brilliantly coloured fall leaves every year!  

Make a fun fall leaves place mat with this month’s Kids Craft Club.  Then get ready to settle in to a fall reading routine by making your own bookmark.  It’s all part of the fun with this month’s Kids Craft Club craft supplies!

Subscribe by August 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of September.

Free Newspaper Pencil with your Themed Sketch Pads

It’s almost time to begin the back-to-school rush, and we want to make sure you’re equipped with fun and earth friendly craft supplies!  Sketch books always come in handy for school and while on the go.  Order your themed sketch book  (Elegant Oval or Nuts and Bolts ) by September 1st and receive a FREE newspaper pencil with your purchase.

Elegant Oval Drawing Pad for Kids Mudpuppy Construction Themed drawing pad for kids mudpuppy

Craft Idea for Outside – Inukshuks

Make an Innukshuk Here’s a simple building activity for kids that can be completed almost anywhere you travel this summer.  Make an Inukshuk, or simple stone figure resembling a human.  Your Inukshuk may start out as a bit of a scavenger hunt if you’re not in an area with lots of rocks, but that just extends the fun of this crafty activity!  Finding the perfect rock for arms, body, legs or head makes the final figure that much more rewarding!


Kitchen with Kids – Make Some Road Trip Pretzels

Pretzels made by kids - daycare or camp craft idea If you’re looking for some yummy ideas for your next road trip or camping expedition, enlist the kids to do some baking.  Kids can roll and shape pretzels with this simple pretzel dough recipe.  This would be a great playgroup or daycare activity too – just like playdough time and they can eat the results!


Craft Kit Giveaway –  Flip and Draw Book

Recycled Eco friendly pencil crayons Congratulations to Rebecca, who won this month’s craft kit draw from our homepage!

This month we’re pleased to give away a set of recycled paper pencil crayons.  They’re made from recycled newspaper, wax, natural mineral pigments and glue derived from corn and potatoes and they work just like regular pencil crayons.

We’ll be contacting Rebecca by email to get shipping information for your recycled paper pencil crayons.  You can enter next month’s draw here.

Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed as well – for quick craft ideas, interesting articles, and giveaways.

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New Craft Kits, Teachers Crafts, Fathers Day Craft Activity

Patriotic Me – July Kids Craft Club

Country Themed picture frame, puppet craft July Crafts – Country Crafts and Puppet Crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s only a few days left to subscribe for this craft package.

The July Kids Craft Club package is all about colours – Decorate a photo frame with colours of your country, using the supplies from this month’s Kids Craft Club shipment.  

The July craft package will also include craft supplies to make a fun paper bag puppet to keep you company during any celebrations or adventures you’re planning for the month.This month, make patriotic crafts and puppet crafts with the Kids Craft Club craft supplies.

Subscribe by June 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of July.

New Craft Kits Just inTime for Summer!

if your child’s ‘go to’ crafty activity is building things, then take a look at these new building and modeling kits.  Great craft time projects for making things when you’re at home or on the go!

        Fish Craft using Playmais natural building toy

Mudpuppy Constructables

New Craft Supplies – Eco-Glue and Themed Sketch Pads

We’ve added even more great products to our  Eco Friendly Craft Supply selection.  Choose Eco-Glue because it’s easy for kids to use (no squeeze bottle!) and hand made from all natural ingredients.  Make some super fancy drawings with our Elegant Oval or Nuts and Bolts framed sketch pads – a great addition to loot bags or party bags or a simple take-away gift all on their own.

Eco Glue Eco Paste School Glue for Kids Elegant Oval Drawing Pad for Kids Mudpuppy Construction Themed drawing pad for kids mudpuppy

Father’s Day Craft Activity

Kids Craft idea for Fathers Day If Dad had a Super Power, what would it be?  Download this fun activity sheet and fill it out for Dad!  Make sure to include a drawing of yourself, the source of Dad’s strength, because we all know parents get their strength from their amazing kids!

Five Teacher Gift Ideas for End of School Year

Your child’s teacher will appreciate a hand made gift coming from the child they’ve helped to grow and learn all year long! Here are five simple craft ideas for the kids to make for their teachers as gifts as year-end ‘Thank You’ gifts.


Craft Kit Giveaway –  Flip and Draw Book

Mudpuppy Flip and Draw - Kids Drawing Book Congratulations to Sagit, who won this month’s craft kit draw from our homepage!

This month we’re pleased to give away a drawing book, which is new to our selection of Craft Kits.  These flip and draw books include 10 printed pages and 5 blank pages, all split into three sections for fun drawing, flipping, and creating!

We’ll be contacting Sagit by email to get shipping information for your Flip and Draw book! You can enter next month’s draw here.

Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed as well – for quick craft ideas, interesting articles, and giveaways.  (Stay tuned to Facebook for a Crayon giveaway!)


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March Kids Craft Club, Five St. Patty’s Day Crafts, and Party Crafts

Chasing Rainbows – February Kids Craft Club

Rainbow Image Weather Crafts and Rainbow Crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

The weather in March is often unpredictable, leaving us ‘puzzled’ about what to expect day after day.  Make your own weather puzzle with this month’s Kids Craft Club supplies.


And, with St. Patrick’s Day falling in the middle of the month, kids are on the lookout for leprechans and pots of gold.  We know where leprechauns hide their treasure, but for some reason it seems like we can never catch the rainbows that we spy!  Make some special rainbow chasing glasses and wear them to complete your rainbow chasing mission.

Subscribe by February 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of March.

Kids Craft Club Interview – Elizabeth

Craft Club Interview Check out our latest Blog Post, which includes our first Kids Craft Club member interview!  Elizabeth has been participating in the club for 18 months and she told us why she likes doing crafts, and what some of her other interests are .  View Elizabeth’s interview here.

Want your child to be the next Kids Craft Club member featured in our Blog?  You can find the ‘interview’ questions here.  Submit your completed interview to Craft Caravan and we’ll randomly draw the next posting.

Simple Party Planning with Themed Party Crafts

Super Hero Mask Craft  Make your party planning a little easier by choosing one of Craft Caravan’s party crafts.  Whether you’re planning for a houseful of super heros or a palace of princesses, our party crafts will make your party a little more simple to plan, and a lot more fun for the kids!

**Your party crafts can be personalized with bright letters to spell the name of each child!  Your party guests will love decorating a craft with their name on it.

Five Crafty Idea and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Treasure Hunt

The quintessential St. Patty’s Day activity – set up a treasure hunt with some coins, a piggy bank, or a special treat as the hidden treasure.  Offer written clues (clue one leads to clue two, clue two leads to clue three, etc) or play hot/cold (you’re getting colder, warmer, hotter!) until the kids discover their treasure.  Continue the game by letting someone else hide the treasure next round.

Green Celebration Lunch

Veggies can be fun if they follow a theme, and this theme is all green!  Include serving plates of lettuce and cucumbers, along with bowls of peas and broccoli (cooked or raw).  If your kids are hesitant to eat their veggies, include a side of their favourite dip (ours like ranch dressing), or serve the veggies in a novel way – our girl loves frozen peas and eats them by the handful while frozen, but won’t eat them cooked.

Leprechaun Beard and Moustache

Cut some construction paper into the shape of a pointed beard and a curly moustache, then decorate with brown, black, gold, or orange yarn.  Scotch tape below your lip and on your chin – your leprechaun face will help with the treausure hunting for sure!

Handprint Clover / Shamrock

Trace two sets of handprints on green paper and cut them out. Tape or glue them together on a green construction paper stem, in the shape of a four leaf clover.  Add some green sparkles if you have them on hand.  Super easy, and handprint crafts are always a big hit!  Let the kids practice their cutting skills by doing their own cutting of the handprints.


Another simple craft but a great way to learn the colours of the rainbow and to practice patterns.  Cut rainbow strips from coloured papers and make a rainbow chain to string across the room.  Put the strips in correct rainbow order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple, repeat.  This is a fun craft for a few kids to help with – everyone at daycare or playgroup can take turns finding and adding the next colour to the chain.

Card Kit Giveaway – ‘About Me’ Scrapbook Making Kit

About Me Scrapbook Making Kit Congratulations to Heidi, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Heidi by email to get shipping information for your Scrapbook Making Kit . You can enter next month’s draw here.

Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed as well – for quick craft ideas, interesting articles, and giveaways


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Five Holiday Decorating Craft Ideas for Kids!

Winter Memories – January Kids Craft Club

Kids Craft Club January 2010 Make winter memories come alive with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  If you’re not already in the club, there’s just less than one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

There’s something magical about trees that are covered in a light dusting of snow.  Can you imagine a whole forest of trees in the winter?  What would it look like?  Make your own winter forest collage with this month’s Kids Craft Club  supplies.  Then make a memory book so you can keep track of special moments all season long.   

Subscribe by December 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of January.

Five Holiday Decorating Crafts

With mounting excitement as the kids start their winter holidays, now is the perfect time to get crafty for the holiday season!  Here are five easy craft ideas to help you Deck the Halls or trim the tree!

Pinecone craft idea for kids 1. Pine cone Christmas ornament – pretend your pinecone is a mini tree: paint it green and add ribbons, pompoms, and sequins to trim it.  Mount it on a piece of cardboard as a table decoration.  OR – skip the paint and decorate your pinecone with sparkles and ribbons, looping a ribbon through the top to hang it on your tree
 Clothes Pin Angel craft 2. Personalized doily angel craft – You’ll need one large and one small paper doily, a clothes pin, and a headshot of your child.  Fold large doily in half, and then in half again.  Affix to clothes pin, with point of folded doily at the top.  Glue your child’s head to the top of the doily ‘dress’.  Add angel wings by folding small doily in half and gluing to back of clothspin.  Clip to your Christmas tree
 Home made Christmas cracker craft  3.Toilet paper roll Christmas Crackers – fill several toilet paper rolls with fun surprises such as candies, sweet messages, or cute photos.  Decorate a piece of paper with festive colours, or use old wrapping paper, and wrap toilet paper roll with paper, tying ribbons to close at either end.  Place rolls on dinner plates for a family gathering, and open your Christmas crackers together!
 Christmas tree mobile craft  4. Christmas tree mobile craft -make tree segments by cutting pairs of paper strips, tapering strips into a Christmas tree shape. Lay bottom pieces of tree on work surface and cover with glue.  String a couple of wooden beads onto a thin ribbon or string, and lay on top of bottom segments, looping back to a top star shape. Cover with matching top segments.  Decorate your tree with leftover paper pieces and other decorations
 Finger Knitting Garland craft  5. Finger-knit garland – all this requires is some yarn and a nimble set of fingers!  Our six year old could do this independently once we got him started, but younger kids might need mom or dad to lend a helping hand with looping the yarn around.  For instructions, watch our crafty girl explain it in this ‘how to’ video

Contest Winner – Thank You Card Kit

Congratulations to Jade, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Jade by email to get shipping information for your Thank You Card making kit!  You can enter next month’s draw here.

Be sure to join our Facebook page and follow our Twitter feed as well – for quick craft ideas, interesting articles, and giveaways


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Kids Craft Club for Groups, Halloween Crafts, and more!

Feasting in the Fall – November Kids Craft Club

Apple craft and corn craft Join in on fall fun with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  Only one week left to subscribe for this craft package!

Corn and apples are two fall time favourite foods.  These foods are special because they can be used for eating, or for decoration!  Make an apple craft with this month’s Kids Craft Club, but watch out for a sneaky surprise in the middle!  Then decorate a patchwork cob of corn that’ll look way too pretty to eat!

Subscribe by October 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of November

Introducing the Kids Craft Club for Groups!

Puppet Crafts After many months and many many customer requests, we’re pleased to introduce our Kids Craft Club for groups! If you meet with a regular playgroup or operate a small daycare, we’ve got a crafty solution for you!  Join the Kids Craft Club and receive a package of crafts for 4, 6, 10, or 14 children.  Make daycare or playgroup even better with the Kids Craft Club!

Enter to Win a Box of Recycled Paper Pencil Crayons!

Earth Friendly Pencil Crayons We’re running a contest on Facebook right now, and it’s so easy to enter!  Just leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what you do with your child’s finished arts & craft projects.  Take pictures?  Frame them?  Scrapbook them?  Stack them in a pile?  Let us know for your chance to win!

Tip: Join our Facebook Group or watch our Twitter feed for upcoming giveaways to introduce our great selection of eco-friendly kids craft products!

Christmas Cards & Christmas Gifts

Christmas cards for Kids

Season’s Greetings Cards & Christmas Cards

Many people like to plan ahead for Christmas, and sending Christmas cards is usually one of the first tasks on the list.  Making cards by hand gives your Christmas wish a personal touch and it’s a great craft for the kids!  Our Christmas card making kits are now online for purchase – check them out!

Kids Craft Club – PreORDER for Christmas Gifts

A Kids Craft Club subscription is a great way to extend Christmas excitement throughout the year!  If you’re shopping for an early Christmas gift, sImply wirte ‘Christmas’ in the comment section of your order form, and your child will receive their first craft project right after Christmas!

Crafty Idea – Pumpkin Decorating

Sugar Pumpkin Decorating Craft Carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and a great family activity, but the bulk of the work usually falls to mom, dad, or caregiver.  If your kids want to get a little more ‘hands on’ try decorating pumpkins instead!  Check out our Pumpkin Decorating article on the blog archive at

Five Minute Fun – Handprint Ghosts

Gear up for Halloween with this simple activity!  Trace your child’s hands on white paper, with fingers closed together, making sure that you finish your tracing where you started it, for a completely enclosed shape.  Cut your ‘ghost’ shape out and draw or glue eyes onto ghost at the top (near the ‘heel’ of your handprint). Footprints make great ghosts too!

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Crafty Ideas September 2010

Spin a Web – October Kids Craft Club

Spider web craft Join in on fall fun with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  Only one week left to subscribe for this craft package!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could build a web, just like a spider?  With this month’s Kids Craft Club craft supplies, you will have what you need to do just that!  Make a spider web and then craft a spider finger puppet to sit in your web, just waiting to catch it’s prey. You can become a web designer with the Kids Craft Club – a spider web designer that is!!

Subscribe by September 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of September

New to Craft Caravan: Eco-friendly craft supplies!

Earth Friendly recycled crayons Now craft time can be more eco-friendly than ever, with our new selection of environmentally conscious craft supplies!  Perfect for your child’s arts & crafts bin, or as a gift item.  Choose from natural paints, natural modeling dough, recycled crayons, newspaper pencil crayons, and more.  Watch our website and facebook page as we introduce even more great eco-friendly craft supplies!

Tip: Join our Facebook Group or watch our Twitter feed for upcoming giveaways to introduce these great new kids craft products!

Fall Crafty Idea – Wise Old Owl

Many species of owls have feathers in browns and oranges that are reminiscent of fall.  Put some fall leaves to good use with this simple craft!

Supplies: brown paper bag, white & black construction paper, fall leaves, orange felt, glue

Owl Paper Bag craft Directions:

  1. Find two fall leaves that have pointed edges, and glue them into place for ears
  2. Cut oversized eyes from white and black construction paper, and glue them into place
  3. Cut a diamond beak and claws from orange felt, and add to your owl.  You’re done!


Put the FUN into Fundraising!

Scrapbook Making Kit for Kids Fundraising doesn’t get any easier than this!  If your child’s group or organization is looking for ways to raise funds, contact us about our Card Kit fundraising program!  A fundraiser that’s truly for the kids – raise funds and have fun!  Visit our website or contact us for more information.


Fun Fall Facts – Spider Webs

Did you know that ‘spider webs’ are what we call webs that are still being used, while ‘cob webs’ is the name for webs that are abandoned?

The silk that spiders use for their webs is amazing because it’s strong, elastic, and sticky.  Scientists are still trying to reproduce the properties of spider webs for human use!  A spider’s silk has as much tensile strength as steel!

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June Crafty Ideas by Craft Caravan

In the Country – July Kids Craft Club

Canada Flag Craft

American Flag Craft

Join in on July celebrations with crafts from the  Kids Craft ClubJuly is a time to celebrate from coast to coast!  Hot summer days and bright sunshine bring lots of excitement, with Canada celebrating Canada Day on July 1st, and the United States celebrating Independence day on July 4th!  July’s crafts are all about celebrations ‘In the Country’.  Make a cool pendant craft that you can wave around just like a flag, and then make a country-themed mobile to hang outside or indoors.  Getting crafty – a great way to join in with all of the festivities!   Subscribe to receive your package at the beginning of July!

Subscribe by July 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of July

Summer Project Package – Five Fun Crafts for your Kids!

Kids Craft Projects for Summer If you’re looking for some extra kids activities throughout the summer, our summer craft package is just what you need!  Loaded with craft supplies and project ideas, it’ll be easy to get crafty when you’re looking for something to do.  Limited Quantity, order here.



Crafty Idea – Salad Bowl or Herb Pot Teacher Gift

Put these salad bowls or herb pots together now so that they’ll grow into fine looking ‘bouquets’ over the next week!  A great way for your child to say thank you for their teacher’s support throughout the school year

Supplies: Lettuce or other leafy green food plants, or herbs such as cilantro, basil, or rosemary, popsicle sticks, markers, plant pot, soil, decorating supplies such as ribbons, paints, stickers, etc

Lettuce Bowl Craft

Herb Pot Craft


  1. Start your planting project by decorating your pot:  if you have a terra cotta pot, you can paint it.  Other pots can be decorated with stickers, ribbons, crayons, or even sidewalk chalk
  2. Plant your seedlings, adding dirt so that the plant base is resting just below pot edge.  You will need to leave enough room for watering!
  3. Make a plant label using a popsicle stick and marker.  You can decorate your plant tag with stickers, paints, or other supplies
  4. Include a thank-you card for  your teacher so that she knows who her gift is from
  5. Remember to water your ‘bouquet’ and give it lots of sunshine until you are ready to deliver it to your teacher


Crafty Idea – ‘I Am Canadian’ Maple Leaf Frame

Canada Day is at the very beginning of July, so we’ve included this project in anticipation of the national celebration.  If you’re American, replace the Maple Leaf with a star from the Star Spangled Banner.

Supplies: red construction paper (or white, to make a star), scissors, glue, photo of child, newspapers or magazines, decorating supplies such as glitter, ribbons, paper shred, etc.

Maple Leaf Craft Directions:

  1. Cut maple leaf from red construction paper
  2. Search old newspapers or magazines for letters to spell the words ‘I Am Canadian’
  3. Glue photo of child into centre of maple leaf

4. Glue ‘I Am Canadian’ letters around photo
5. Decorate maple leaf with glitter, ribbons, etc

Five Minute Fun – Bugs at Work

The next time you’re on a walk or outside with the kids, make a point of watching some bugs hard at work.  Whether it’s ants, bees, slugs, or earthworms –  watching insects at work is a simple nature activity that you can do anywhere in the great outdoors!  It will likely spur on lots of questions and might even inspire an insect-inspired craft session!

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