Crafty Ideas September 2009

Back to School

With the kids getting back into the fall routine, now is a perfect opportunity to add craft time into your schedule.  Doing crafts provides creative and cognitive challenges that help ready young kids for future learning.  Start with some back to school crafts such as the ones below:

Artist’s Display Ribbon: 

A simple way to display the drawings and art projects the kids will be bringing home from school!

Supplies: 1.5 m of wide (~5cm) ribbon, 8 self-adhesive Velcro dots, fabric and/or ribbon scraps, felt pieces etc, stickers, craft glue, glitter glue, fabric scissors

Directions:  Evenly space one side of 7 Velcro dots along the length of your ribbon.  Decorate ribbon by gluing on pieces of fabric, ribbon, or felt, and drawing designs with glitter glue.  Clip a ‘V’ at bottom end of the ribbon to finish it off.  Let dry.  To hang your ribbon, place 8th Velcro dot at the top of the ribbon on the underside, and secure it to matching Velcro dot positioned at the top of your wall.  The ribbon will hang down, ready for art work display

To display art: attach a Velcro dot to your artwork, and then secure the artwork to the matching Velcro dot on the display ribbon


Did you try this craft?  Send us your comments and photos!

Decorative Back Pack Tags:

An easy way to identify your child’s book bag or snack pack!

Supplies: construction paper or card stock, markers, crayons, or alphabet stickers, clear self-adhesive laminating paper, hole punch, beading string, pony beads

Directions: Cut a small circle or square out of cardstock – similar in size to a luggage tag.  Draw or decal child’s name onto the tag.  Decorate the tag with other stickers and colouring, and then place between two pieces of clear laminating paper.  Cut laminating paper so it is just wider than the tag inside.  Puch a hole into the laminated tag, and string onto beading string.  Add decorative beads to the string, and then tie it to backpack.

Did you try this craft?  Send us your comments and photos!


Kitchen with Kids – Bean Dip with Corn Chips

A great after school snack, this is a simple dip that needs a dollop of this and a pinch of that, so it’s easy for the kids to be in charge!

  • 1 can refried beans
  • 2-3 heaping tablespoons plain yogurt
  • Pinch of salt
  • corn chips or vegetables for dipping


Scoop refried beans into mixing bowl.  Add plain yogurt and a pinch of salt.  Mix thoroughly.  Serve with corn chips, carrot sticks, or celery for dipping.  Tip: if your kids are feeling adventurous, add some chili powder, chopped green onions or cilantro for extra flavour!

Simple Science – Bent Pencil

Fill a jar or clear container half way with water. Hold a pencil in the water so that half of it is submerged.  When you look at the pencil through the water, does it look straight or bent?  Light travels slower through water than it does through air.  When the light enters the water it slows down, changing direction slightly, and it speeds up again as it leaves the glass, making the pencil look bent.

Getting Organized – Craft Supply Box

Preschoolers and primary school kids will often find themselves exhausted at the end of a school day.  Help them make it through the long afternoon by setting up an easy-to-access craft box for quiet time activities.  Decorate a shoe box with your child, and stock it with craft staples such as crayons, scissors, stickers, and glue stick.  Keep the box, together with some coloured paper and drawing paper, within reaching distance so that they can grab their crafts whenever they need to relax and create.

Five Minute Fun – Label It

Practice  your printing by making labels for school supplies and snack containers.  Place a strip of fun coloured masking tape on a non-adhesive surface, such as a vinyl placemat or stone countertop.  Place tick marks at even intervals so that your child knows how much space they have to write each name, and then let them repeat their name over and over again to label all their stuff!