Craft Ideas for July 2012: Sunshine crafts, beach activities, and Sunprint Paper

August Kids Craft Club: Here Comes the Sun

Kids Crafts for August 2012 Kids Craft Club Join the Kids Craft Club to receive craft supplies for celebrating the summer sun!!  Summers are never long enough here in Canada, so we’re capturing the sun while it shines.  We’re sending Kids Craft Club members the supplies for everything sun -think sunflower, sun mobile, etc.  Everything you need for sun inspired crafts is included in this craft package.

This month’s crafts are brought to you by the colours Orange and Yellow!  Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the August crafts!     Join Kids Craft Club

Summer Craft Supplies – Sunprint Paper!

Sunprint Craft Kit for Kids Sun fade paper

We’re excited about this Sunprint Paper because it’s the perfect summer’s day craft project.  All you need is the sunprint paper, some found items (such as leaves, flowers, blades of grass),water and the sun!  Arrange special items on the paper, set it out in the sun, and watch your paper turn into a beautiful print!  Each kit comes with 12 pieces of 10cm x 10cm Sunprint paper, and an Acrylic overlay to weigh down your paper while making prints.  Get Sunprint Paper here

Sunprint Kit – $5.99

Kids Beach Activity: Squirt Gun Body Art

Squirt Gun Art Kids Beach Activity If you’re looking for a way to cool off at the beach or in the backyard, try this fun ‘body art’ activity.  Squirt lines or dots of water onto legs and arms, cover with sand, and then shake the excess off.  The crowd favourite at our beach outing was zebra (or tiger) stripes.   A fun way for kids to play with squirt guns in the name of art!


New Pinboard: Summer Puppet Theatre

 Kids Crafts Puppet Theater Handmade Puppets and Theater Summer is a good time for the kids to sink their teeth into a larger-scale craft project they can go back to all summer long.  Puppet theatres are a great creative activity – the kids can make the theatre and puppets, and then spend time creating and performing plays.   We’ve pinned some of our favourites here.

Kids Craft Club Showcase – Submit Your Photos!

Our New and improved website comes complete with a rotating showcase of crafts and kids from the Kids Craft club.  You can see kids at work or proudly showing off their creations in a gallery on the right-hand side of our site.  Check it out here!

Is your child in the Kids Craft Club?  Send us pictures of him or her with their artwork and we’ll add them to our showcase!

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