Craft Ideas for July 2012: Sunshine crafts, beach activities, and Sunprint Paper

August Kids Craft Club: Here Comes the Sun

Kids Crafts for August 2012 Kids Craft Club Join the Kids Craft Club to receive craft supplies for celebrating the summer sun!!  Summers are never long enough here in Canada, so we’re capturing the sun while it shines.  We’re sending Kids Craft Club members the supplies for everything sun -think sunflower, sun mobile, etc.  Everything you need for sun inspired crafts is included in this craft package.

This month’s crafts are brought to you by the colours Orange and Yellow!  Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the August crafts!     Join Kids Craft Club

Summer Craft Supplies – Sunprint Paper!

Sunprint Craft Kit for Kids Sun fade paper

We’re excited about this Sunprint Paper because it’s the perfect summer’s day craft project.  All you need is the sunprint paper, some found items (such as leaves, flowers, blades of grass),water and the sun!  Arrange special items on the paper, set it out in the sun, and watch your paper turn into a beautiful print!  Each kit comes with 12 pieces of 10cm x 10cm Sunprint paper, and an Acrylic overlay to weigh down your paper while making prints.  Get Sunprint Paper here

Sunprint Kit – $5.99

Kids Beach Activity: Squirt Gun Body Art

Squirt Gun Art Kids Beach Activity If you’re looking for a way to cool off at the beach or in the backyard, try this fun ‘body art’ activity.  Squirt lines or dots of water onto legs and arms, cover with sand, and then shake the excess off.  The crowd favourite at our beach outing was zebra (or tiger) stripes.   A fun way for kids to play with squirt guns in the name of art!


New Pinboard: Summer Puppet Theatre

 Kids Crafts Puppet Theater Handmade Puppets and Theater Summer is a good time for the kids to sink their teeth into a larger-scale craft project they can go back to all summer long.  Puppet theatres are a great creative activity – the kids can make the theatre and puppets, and then spend time creating and performing plays.   We’ve pinned some of our favourites here.

Kids Craft Club Showcase – Submit Your Photos!

Our New and improved website comes complete with a rotating showcase of crafts and kids from the Kids Craft club.  You can see kids at work or proudly showing off their creations in a gallery on the right-hand side of our site.  Check it out here!

Is your child in the Kids Craft Club?  Send us pictures of him or her with their artwork and we’ll add them to our showcase!

Customer Quote for monthly Kids Crafts

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April Kids Craft Club, Easter Crafts, Earth Day Crafts and Cool Stickers

Baby Animals- May Kids Craft Club

Baby animal Spring crafts: baby animal crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

If you visit a farm at this time of year, you might be lucky enough to see mama animals with their new babies.  Farms aren’t the only place that baby animals are being born – this is the time of year when all sorts of animals in the wild start having babies too!  


Make your own baby animals with this month’s Kids Craft Club supplies.

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New – Message Stickers Sold Separately!

thank you stickers, birthday stickers, anytime stickers

If your craft cupboard is already stocked full of card making papers but you’re still looking for a fun way for the kids to decorate cards, we’ve got the solution.  Now you can buy our fun Message Stickers separately.  They’re great for card making, making goodie bag ‘thank you‘ tags, or even to stick a ‘Happy Birthday‘ message onto a birthday boy’s or girl’s shirt or hand!  Check them out here.

Earth Day Craft Tips and Ideas

Recycled Paint Brush

recycle craft idea toothbrush paintbrush A super-simple way to give your cast offs new life – old toothbrushes make great paint brushes!  Use them for dipping and spreading paint with an interesting finish, for dabbing paint on in a sponging style, or (if you’re feeling brave) for splatter and spray art.  To make spray art, dip the brush in paint and then use a finger to bend bristles back, releasing them to create a spray.

Plantable Greeting Card

Our April Kids Craft Club project included a plantable card using cool seeded paper flowers — a wonderful surprise to send in the mail for Earth Day.  If you missed the club project, here’s a modified version:

Supplies: card stock or construction paper, grass seeds crayons

plantable card for earth day
  1. Make and decorate a card using supplies such as card stock, tissue papers, and coloured pencils or crayons.  Our example is a ‘Happy Earth Day’ card.
  2. Once your card is complete, carefully dab some glue and sprinkle seeds into glue area.  We used grass seed in this example.
  3. Your gift recipient can either sprinkle some dirt and water onto patches of seed, or just plant entire card in the ground to make it grow!

Easter Craft Idea for Giving

Painted Strawberry Patch Pot

Easter is a great time to get together for family celebrations.  If you’re like us, you probably like taking something small with you for the kiddos in the family.  This year we’ve got the kids busy making the gifts –they’re planting pots with strawberries for their cousins, so the cousins can start their own little strawberry patches

You will need: Clay pot, potting soil, strawberry plant, paints (acrylic or tempura; tempura paints will wear off faster, but this probably won’t bother the kids)

Painted Strawberry Pot craft idea
  1. Use the paints to decorate the pot.  For younger kids, sponge painting is easiest, while older kids can use paintbrushes to make Easter themed paintings such as bunnies, eggs, etc.
  2. Let your pot dry, and then paint on a protective top coat….this is optional.  If you don’t do it, the paint will wear off, but then the pot can be painted again
  3. Once your pot is complete, add some potting soil and plant the strawberry plant
  4. Give your gift!  Tip – the person who receives the gift can place their pot somewhere on top of soil – the strawberry will trail down over the summer, and start new plants in the soil.

Card Kit Giveaway – Fun Messages Sticker Set

card making idea sticker set Congratulations to Beth, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Beth by email to get shipping information for your Message Sticker Set. You can enter next month’s draw here.

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March Kids Craft Club, Five St. Patty’s Day Crafts, and Party Crafts

Chasing Rainbows – February Kids Craft Club

Rainbow Image Weather Crafts and Rainbow Crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

The weather in March is often unpredictable, leaving us ‘puzzled’ about what to expect day after day.  Make your own weather puzzle with this month’s Kids Craft Club supplies.


And, with St. Patrick’s Day falling in the middle of the month, kids are on the lookout for leprechans and pots of gold.  We know where leprechauns hide their treasure, but for some reason it seems like we can never catch the rainbows that we spy!  Make some special rainbow chasing glasses and wear them to complete your rainbow chasing mission.

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Kids Craft Club Interview – Elizabeth

Craft Club Interview Check out our latest Blog Post, which includes our first Kids Craft Club member interview!  Elizabeth has been participating in the club for 18 months and she told us why she likes doing crafts, and what some of her other interests are .  View Elizabeth’s interview here.

Want your child to be the next Kids Craft Club member featured in our Blog?  You can find the ‘interview’ questions here.  Submit your completed interview to Craft Caravan and we’ll randomly draw the next posting.

Simple Party Planning with Themed Party Crafts

Super Hero Mask Craft  Make your party planning a little easier by choosing one of Craft Caravan’s party crafts.  Whether you’re planning for a houseful of super heros or a palace of princesses, our party crafts will make your party a little more simple to plan, and a lot more fun for the kids!

**Your party crafts can be personalized with bright letters to spell the name of each child!  Your party guests will love decorating a craft with their name on it.

Five Crafty Idea and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Treasure Hunt

The quintessential St. Patty’s Day activity – set up a treasure hunt with some coins, a piggy bank, or a special treat as the hidden treasure.  Offer written clues (clue one leads to clue two, clue two leads to clue three, etc) or play hot/cold (you’re getting colder, warmer, hotter!) until the kids discover their treasure.  Continue the game by letting someone else hide the treasure next round.

Green Celebration Lunch

Veggies can be fun if they follow a theme, and this theme is all green!  Include serving plates of lettuce and cucumbers, along with bowls of peas and broccoli (cooked or raw).  If your kids are hesitant to eat their veggies, include a side of their favourite dip (ours like ranch dressing), or serve the veggies in a novel way – our girl loves frozen peas and eats them by the handful while frozen, but won’t eat them cooked.

Leprechaun Beard and Moustache

Cut some construction paper into the shape of a pointed beard and a curly moustache, then decorate with brown, black, gold, or orange yarn.  Scotch tape below your lip and on your chin – your leprechaun face will help with the treausure hunting for sure!

Handprint Clover / Shamrock

Trace two sets of handprints on green paper and cut them out. Tape or glue them together on a green construction paper stem, in the shape of a four leaf clover.  Add some green sparkles if you have them on hand.  Super easy, and handprint crafts are always a big hit!  Let the kids practice their cutting skills by doing their own cutting of the handprints.


Another simple craft but a great way to learn the colours of the rainbow and to practice patterns.  Cut rainbow strips from coloured papers and make a rainbow chain to string across the room.  Put the strips in correct rainbow order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple, repeat.  This is a fun craft for a few kids to help with – everyone at daycare or playgroup can take turns finding and adding the next colour to the chain.

Card Kit Giveaway – ‘About Me’ Scrapbook Making Kit

About Me Scrapbook Making Kit Congratulations to Heidi, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Heidi by email to get shipping information for your Scrapbook Making Kit . You can enter next month’s draw here.

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Five Holiday Decorating Craft Ideas for Kids!

Winter Memories – January Kids Craft Club

Kids Craft Club January 2010 Make winter memories come alive with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  If you’re not already in the club, there’s just less than one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

There’s something magical about trees that are covered in a light dusting of snow.  Can you imagine a whole forest of trees in the winter?  What would it look like?  Make your own winter forest collage with this month’s Kids Craft Club  supplies.  Then make a memory book so you can keep track of special moments all season long.   

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Five Holiday Decorating Crafts

With mounting excitement as the kids start their winter holidays, now is the perfect time to get crafty for the holiday season!  Here are five easy craft ideas to help you Deck the Halls or trim the tree!

Pinecone craft idea for kids 1. Pine cone Christmas ornament – pretend your pinecone is a mini tree: paint it green and add ribbons, pompoms, and sequins to trim it.  Mount it on a piece of cardboard as a table decoration.  OR – skip the paint and decorate your pinecone with sparkles and ribbons, looping a ribbon through the top to hang it on your tree
 Clothes Pin Angel craft 2. Personalized doily angel craft – You’ll need one large and one small paper doily, a clothes pin, and a headshot of your child.  Fold large doily in half, and then in half again.  Affix to clothes pin, with point of folded doily at the top.  Glue your child’s head to the top of the doily ‘dress’.  Add angel wings by folding small doily in half and gluing to back of clothspin.  Clip to your Christmas tree
 Home made Christmas cracker craft  3.Toilet paper roll Christmas Crackers – fill several toilet paper rolls with fun surprises such as candies, sweet messages, or cute photos.  Decorate a piece of paper with festive colours, or use old wrapping paper, and wrap toilet paper roll with paper, tying ribbons to close at either end.  Place rolls on dinner plates for a family gathering, and open your Christmas crackers together!
 Christmas tree mobile craft  4. Christmas tree mobile craft -make tree segments by cutting pairs of paper strips, tapering strips into a Christmas tree shape. Lay bottom pieces of tree on work surface and cover with glue.  String a couple of wooden beads onto a thin ribbon or string, and lay on top of bottom segments, looping back to a top star shape. Cover with matching top segments.  Decorate your tree with leftover paper pieces and other decorations
 Finger Knitting Garland craft  5. Finger-knit garland – all this requires is some yarn and a nimble set of fingers!  Our six year old could do this independently once we got him started, but younger kids might need mom or dad to lend a helping hand with looping the yarn around.  For instructions, watch our crafty girl explain it in this ‘how to’ video

Contest Winner – Thank You Card Kit

Congratulations to Jade, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Jade by email to get shipping information for your Thank You Card making kit!  You can enter next month’s draw here.

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Crafty Ideas April 2010

Barnyard Babies – May Kids Craft Club


Spring is full of new life, which means the barn yard will be full of wobbly legs and new little voices.  Use this month’s craft supplies to fashion your own baby barn yard animals – whether it be a calf, a lamb, or even a little foal, your pretend barn yard will soon be full of little animals learning to walk under the watchful eye of their proud owner – you! 

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Just Arrived!  Our New Website!

  We’ve updated our website to make it easier for you to use, and we’re excited to know what you think!  Take a look at our new site here.  Leave us a comment, and also visit our new blog to stay connected with new crafts and activity ideas more regularly! (Note – we updated our newsletter format as well)

Some things we hope you’ll enjoy on the new website:

Crafty Idea – Twiggy Blossoms

Make a Twig blossom with tissue flowers!
Supplies: twig or branch (found on the ground), small tissue squares in pink or white, glue 


  1. Make sure that the twig you’re using is dry
  2. Dab a drop of glue onto the twig. Pinch tissue together around the twig, gluing it together and scrunching to make it look like a blossom.
  3. If wrapping the tissue around the twig is too difficult, simply scrunch tissue and stick into the glue on the twig
  4. Repeat with tissue squares up and down the length of your twig branches so that your twig is now in full bloom
  5. Display in a vase or bottle


Crafty Idea – Name That Monster

If you met a monster with the same name as you, what would it look like?  Make your monster to find out!  Thanks to our Crafty Girl’s school teacher for this fun idea!

Supplies: construction paper or other paper, pencil crayons, crayons, or markers, decorating supplies such as googly eyes, pompoms, yarn, fabric pieces

Make a Monster from your name!

  1. Fold your paper in half, lengthwise
  2. Print or write your name across the entire length of the paper, making sure that the folded edge is at the bottom of your name
  3. Cut the paper around the tops of the letters of your name
  4. Open the paper up, and turn it over so that your name is underneath.  Now you have your monster body (see photo)
  5. Decorate your monster by adding a face, colouring, and/or using decorating supplies.
  6. Just like you, every monster will be unique!

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Crafty Ideas June 2009

School’s Out for Summer!

It’s hard to believe, but by the end of this month another school year will be over and the kids will be looking for things to do over the summer!   Help them tap into their creative side with these ‘gearing up for summer’ crafts     

Looking Back PlaceMat: 

A fun project to showcase the highlights of the school year

Supplies: 2 pieces clear self-adhesive book covering (cut to ~ 8.5×11 or 9×12), items from the school year such as drawings, special projects and photos that can be cut for a keepsake collage.  Other decorating supplies such as magazine clippings, glitter, or stickers.

Directions:  Remove backing from first piece of book covering.  Place your items on the sticky surface, being sure to spread them around so that they will be easy to see.  Add other decorations such as sparkles or magazine clippings.  Remember to include the year, a handprint, and child’s name (written by them if they can!)  Once you have a collage that you are happy with, cover with second piece of self-adhesive book covering.

Tip: expand this reflective project idea by making an ‘About Me’ Scrapbook.  Get the supplies here!       

Did you try this craft?  Send us your comments and photos!

Sidewalk Chalk Drawings:

A simple changing of the canvas (from concrete to construction paper) to keep sidewalk chalk interesting!

Supplies: black construction paper, coloured sidewalk chalk, sprayer bottle or squirt gun filled with water

Directions: Decorate the construction paper with sidewalk chalk drawings.   Once your drawing is complete, lay flat and spray or squirt with water.  Watch the colours blend together!  Leave your picture to air dry.  Tip:  Work outside so you don’t need to worry about the mess.

Did you try this craft?  Send us your comments and photos!

Kitchen with Kids – Super Smoothy Popsicles

Head the ice cream truck off at the pass by having these tasty treats ready in the freezer!  

  • 1 ½ cups apple juice or other fruit juice
  • 1 cup strawberries, washed and hulled
  • 2 bananas

Combine all ingredients in blender.  Blend until smooth.  Pour into popsicle mold and freeze until solid.  To remove, run hot water over the popsicle you are removing, and gently pull out of mold.

Simple Science- Be a Bee

In your yard, use a feather duster to gently ‘dust’ from one plant to another.  You will be helping spread pollen to make seeds and fruit!  Pick a flower, such as a lily, rhododendron bloom, or iris, and carefully pull the flower apart to look at the reproductive system.

Five Minute Fun – Salad Container Bug Box

Plastic salad or tomato containers gain another purpose before hitting the recycling bin.  Your child can add a few green leaves or grass clippings to the bin and then collect a few bugs to observe!   

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Power Outage Activities: Ten Activities to do with the kids

The power was out at our house this morning, and it stayed that way for several hours.  Luckily it went out after I had heated food for the kids lunches, but I had to skip a few other daily-routine tasks, like drying my hair or boiling water in the (electric) kettle to make tea.  It got me thinking about the things we do during the day with our kids – some of which rely on power.  Here’s a list of power-free activities that you can do during an outage, or if you’re out camping or just want to go “old school” for a day.

1. Make some Music:

You can’t listen to music without power, so make some!! Practice singing, even if you’re tone-deaf.  The kids will be quick to join in.  Sing kid favourites or teach them some of your favourites.  Start harmonizing or sing in rounds – this can be really tricky for kids!  Our favourite is ‘Don’t Throw your Junk in My backyard – here’s a classroom full of kids doing a demo!  Or make a marching band with ‘instruments’ from pot lids, wooden spoons, and containers full of dried beans or rice.

2. Do Crafts:

Low-tech creative play that we (of course!!) love love love.  Pull out the glue, scissors, and craft supplies, and start creating.  Don’t forget to check the recycling bin for any hidden crafty gems!  If you want to work to a theme, ask kids to build a battery or generator that would give you power, or draw pictures of how power is made.  If they’re not interested or too young for that, do crafts that feed off of their current interests or calendar themes (such as winter or spring, for example)

3. Go Outside

Always a good alternative, whether the power is on or not.

4. Water Play

If your windows need cleaning or the floors need wiping, turn the kids onto the task!  They’ll be happy to help as long as it feels like part of a game.  And if everything is already scrubbed, then get paintbrushes out and put the kids to work with water on an old tile or chalkboard – they can make water patterns that dry quickly.  And of course they can extend the water play by having bath time – but remember that the heat won’t come on as long as the power is out, so they’ll need lots of snuggles to stay warm is their hair is wet afterwards!

5. Do A Play or Skit:

A happy alternative to watching TV is to create a drama (or comedy!) of your own.  Be inspired by ‘Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise’, a wonderful book about Jillian putting on a show – it even has a fun script at the end!

6. Build a Fort:

In the living room, with blankets and chairs.  This would especially be fun in the dark!

7. Make Wall Shadows:

You might need to close the blinds during the day, but flashlights against a dark wall are always a favourite way to entertain!

8. Make Simple Snacks and Meals:

Cheese sandwiches without the grill, wraps, or anything you’d usually send in a bag lunch.  Snack can be apples spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with raisins.  Yum!

9. Build Something

Stack blocks or (non-breakable) cups.  Try making a tower out of paper (!?), make a marble maze out of toilet paper rolls, build a ‘sculpture’ from playdough, or use popsicle sticks to make a teepee frame or other structure.

10. Read a book, play a game, or do some sports

Anyday, anytime, anywhere.

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Kids Nature Crafts – making bird nests with seeds

My kids and their friends discovered a really fun way to make bird nests from seeds collected from ornamental grasses.  View their video demonstration here.  We happen to have a smoke bush in our yard, and I thought maybe the seeds from the bush would work well for this craft too.  If you’re not familiar with smoke bushes or smoke trees, they look like this:

making a birds nest craft from seedsSee all that seedy fluff waiting to be transformed?  I snapped off a handful of the fluff and set it out to dry (the fall rain has started!!)

collect seed branches to make nature bird nestTo make your birds nest, strip the fluff from the stems by running the stem through your fingers.  Collect the fluff and roll it into a ball:

Roll Seed stems into a ball to make bird nestThen shape the nest by carefully pulling at the edges, and squishing your thumb or fingers in the middle.  Your finished nest will look something like this:

Final Step - shape your nest   Finished nest with egg in it!

Tip: the smoke bush seeds were fun to shape into a nest, but they didn’t stick together as well as the nests that were made from grasses (see video).  To make sure your smoke bush nest sticks together, dilute some glue with water (2:1) and moisten the nest with the glue mixture as you work.  Let your craft dry on a piece of waxed paper so that it doesn’t stick to your work surface.

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How to Get Ready for Craft Time

Kids come with different ages, interests, and aptitudes, so it’s no surprise that some kids would choose to spend all day working on crafts while others would prefer playing soccer or climbing on a jungle gym.  But whether your child is ultra-crafty or mildly uninterested, there’s no disputing the contribution craft time makes to early childhood development – fine motor skills, creativity, and logical thinking (to name a few) are all challenged in different ways through craft projects. Knowing your child’s preferences and aptitudes will help ensure a successful craft time for everyone.  Here are a few things to think about when you’re planning to get crafty:

1. Who will be doing the craft project(s)?  Does your child like to work solo or do they prefer to work together with you?

Some kids like to work independently and will need minimal help getting started, while others may look to mom or dad for their contribution, as they’re using the time to socialize with their adults.  If your child works independently, you can check in with them periodically, while the social child will need more of your focused attention.

2. How much structure does your child like?  Do they prefer a lot of guidance before they jump into crafts, or do they just want to dive in?

If your child likes structure, you could make some suggestions for craft projects, or show them how they can use craft materials.  If they prefer to dive in, it’s probably enough just to have the craft supplies available to them so they can get started

3. What is your child’s attention span?  Which craft supplies should be used?

Keep craft projects simple and open ended if your child is quick to move on to new activities.  If you child likes to focus for longer periods of time, more elaborate projects can be planned.  Choose supplies that are easily managed by the kids – if they can’t control the amount of glue or paint they pour out, put dollops of these items onto an old plastic lid and use popsicle sticks or paint brushes for spreading.  Put sparkles and decorating accessories in small bowls or plates to avoid dumping everything at once. Ensure that the supplies or ideas you provide are not overly complex for the level of attention they have – this can lead to frustration

4. What time of day works best for your child to concentrate on focused activity/fine motor skills?

If your child has the soccer ball in hand and is ready to run outside and do some dribbling, sitting down to the craft table will be a hard sell.  However, if they are easing into the day, winding down from a long day, or just need some quiet time, doing crafts might be just what they’re looking for.

5. Where is the best place for your child to work?

Ask yourself this question keeping in mind your child’s needs, and your own as well.  Do they prefer to stand, crouch, or sit?  How messy will they get, and do they need an apron or old t-shirt?  Is it better to take the craft project outside?  Find a location that will work for them and for you.  A little mess is unavoidable – minimize frustration and restrictions by choosing a workspace that can be messed up and easily cleaned up.

For preschool and early elementary kids, the goal of crafts is simple exposure to new activities and skills.  A few minutes of preparation from a parent or caregiver will go a long way towards holding your kids’ interest in their craft projects. Choosing the right place, time, and materials is the first step in making craft time fun for your kids.

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