Crafty Ideas: Three Ways to Craft Spring Flowers

  1. Make a Peony or chrysanthemum with tissue circles or squares.  Simply stack 4 to 6 small tissue squares, pinch together in the centre, and secure by wrapping the pinched end with a green chenille stem.  Fluff out the tissue once to make a tissue flower using tissue squares
  2. Make a tulip from folded paper – use origami (for big kids), or try the simple fold/cut/paste method found here origami tulip and folded paper tulip
  3. Make a daisy from coffee filters or cupcake liners – stack a number of liners together and glue in the centre.  Snip around liners to make petals.  Add a bright paper circle to centre and secure stem with tape or glue
    muffin liner or cupcake liner daisy craft for spring crafts