Crafty Ideas for January 2013: Valentines cards and bookmarks, winter crafts, and hearts in disguise

February Kids Craft Club: Hearts in Disguise

 hearts in disguise - make heart animals, heart birds, fun with hearts Join the Kids Craft Club to receive February’s craft supplies! If you look very carefully, you can find heart shapes in all sorts of animals.  This month we’re starting with colourful hearts and transforming them into birds, bears or any other animal.  Make a bird mobile, create a collage, make a butterfly, or come up with your own ways to disguise your hearts.  Everything you need to make hearts in disguise is included in February’s Kids Craft Club package.

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Last Chance for Valentines Cards and Bookmarks!

February is almost here, which means there are only a few days left to order Valentines in time for the Big Day!  Order Today

Make 24 Cards with card making supplies Make Bookmarks with Valentines craft supplies Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers

 Valentine Card Kit

 Valentine’s Bookmarks
 Critters Stickers

 Construction Stickers


Most of North America is covered in snow right about now, so we’re thinking snowflakes and snowmen. Check out these fun craft ideas and a simple crystal growing science experiment too.

Winter: Three Snowy Crafts

Make a three 3 dimensional snowflake with paper and scissors How to make snowman paper chains Simple snowflake craft for kids
Craft Instructions:
3D Paper Snowflake
Craft Instructions:
Super Simple Snowman paper chain
Craft Instructions:
Easy Craft Stick Snowflake


Simple Science: Crystal snowflakes

Snow Theme Grow Crystals make snowflakes with borax Explore science with this simple snow-themed activity for kids.  Make crystals with a few supplies.  Find instructions here


New Pins: Winter and Snow Themed Crafts

 cute paper mitten garland Find some of our favourite winter and snow inspired craft ideas here.


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Kids Crafts for February, Spring Break Crafts and Valentine Crafts

February Kids Craft Club: Treasure Boxes

Treasure Chest Crafts, Mardis Gras Piggy Bank Craft The February Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the colours Red, Pink and Purple!  February is all about treasures and special mail, so we thought some Treasure Boxes were in order.  Assemble materials into a keepsake box, mail container, or piggy bank, and decorate with a selection of colourful craft supplies and shapes.   Join the Kids Craft Club before February 23rd to get your Treasure Boxes package.   Easy for you and fun for your kids, the Kids Craft Club sparks creativity with new eco-friendly crafts every month.


March Kids Craft Club: Rainbows and Butterflies

March Crafts for Kids Rainbow crafts pot of gold crafts mobile craft butterfly craft The March Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the entire rainbow!!   This month look for butterflies to arrive at your door, in all the colours of the rainbow!  Make a rainbow mobile, decorate butterflies, or make a spring collage!  But wati!!  Which colour of the rainbow is MISSING??  How can you add that colour into your creations?  Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the March crafts by noting ‘March’ in your order.  Subscribe here.

Spring Break Craft Supply Package Available Now!

Spring Crafts and Spring Craft Supplies

(Available in limited qty)

Families are already starting to plan for spring break, and there’s no doubt that the kids will be looking for something fun to do around the house!  Stock up on spring crafts with this craft supply package!  Includes:

  • lacing disk, thread, and needle
  • Sticky butterfly collage board
  • 4 piece plain puzzle to decorate
  • Weather weaving mat and weaving strips
  • Bird or butterfly stained glass shape
  • Cardstock Flower to decorate
  • Decorating supplies (papers, shred, shapes, etc) & idea guide


Valentines Day Fruit Party

Valentines Day party Snack Ideas Planning a Valentines Day celebration?  Anastasia over at Heathly Mama, has taken care of the food menu.  Try one, or all of her healthy treat ideas on Valentines Day!   See her recipes here, and be sure to scroll to the bottom for some easy craft ideas too!

Valentines Day – 3 Easy Valentine Card Ideas

Make Valentines Day Cards for the whole class

Here are three easy craft ideas that will get the kids engaged and excited about Valentines day.  Fun crafts that don’t take a lot of time to complete and use very basic supplies.  We even have one that’s inspired by our son and is geared towards boys.  Your child can make one for everyone in his or her class!

Valentines Day Craft Ideas

Heart wreath by


View our collection of Valentine Craft Ideas on our latest crafty pin board.  Fantastic craft ideas from across the web

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Five Holiday Decorating Craft Ideas for Kids!

Winter Memories – January Kids Craft Club

Kids Craft Club January 2010 Make winter memories come alive with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  If you’re not already in the club, there’s just less than one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

There’s something magical about trees that are covered in a light dusting of snow.  Can you imagine a whole forest of trees in the winter?  What would it look like?  Make your own winter forest collage with this month’s Kids Craft Club  supplies.  Then make a memory book so you can keep track of special moments all season long.   

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Five Holiday Decorating Crafts

With mounting excitement as the kids start their winter holidays, now is the perfect time to get crafty for the holiday season!  Here are five easy craft ideas to help you Deck the Halls or trim the tree!

Pinecone craft idea for kids 1. Pine cone Christmas ornament – pretend your pinecone is a mini tree: paint it green and add ribbons, pompoms, and sequins to trim it.  Mount it on a piece of cardboard as a table decoration.  OR – skip the paint and decorate your pinecone with sparkles and ribbons, looping a ribbon through the top to hang it on your tree
 Clothes Pin Angel craft 2. Personalized doily angel craft – You’ll need one large and one small paper doily, a clothes pin, and a headshot of your child.  Fold large doily in half, and then in half again.  Affix to clothes pin, with point of folded doily at the top.  Glue your child’s head to the top of the doily ‘dress’.  Add angel wings by folding small doily in half and gluing to back of clothspin.  Clip to your Christmas tree
 Home made Christmas cracker craft  3.Toilet paper roll Christmas Crackers – fill several toilet paper rolls with fun surprises such as candies, sweet messages, or cute photos.  Decorate a piece of paper with festive colours, or use old wrapping paper, and wrap toilet paper roll with paper, tying ribbons to close at either end.  Place rolls on dinner plates for a family gathering, and open your Christmas crackers together!
 Christmas tree mobile craft  4. Christmas tree mobile craft -make tree segments by cutting pairs of paper strips, tapering strips into a Christmas tree shape. Lay bottom pieces of tree on work surface and cover with glue.  String a couple of wooden beads onto a thin ribbon or string, and lay on top of bottom segments, looping back to a top star shape. Cover with matching top segments.  Decorate your tree with leftover paper pieces and other decorations
 Finger Knitting Garland craft  5. Finger-knit garland – all this requires is some yarn and a nimble set of fingers!  Our six year old could do this independently once we got him started, but younger kids might need mom or dad to lend a helping hand with looping the yarn around.  For instructions, watch our crafty girl explain it in this ‘how to’ video

Contest Winner – Thank You Card Kit

Congratulations to Jade, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Jade by email to get shipping information for your Thank You Card making kit!  You can enter next month’s draw here.

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Craft Ideas by Craft Caravan – January 2009

Let it Snow…

The great outdoors may be covered in a blanket of snow, but it’s not likely that the kids will follow suit and curl up under a blanket at home.  They’re busy as ever, so pull out the craft supplies and start creating!
If you’re looking for snowy day activities, or if you’re still in Christmas clean-up mode, here are a couple craft ideas to fit the bill:   

Cotton Ball Snowman:

Supplies: Construction paper, cotton balls, glue, pencil, googly eyes, red yarn, wide ribbon, buttons, black paper

Directions:  Draw snowman shape on construction paper.  Make snowman hat out of black paper, and glue to top of snowman head.  Spread glue into each snowman circle, and cover circles with cotton balls.  Dab glue onto googly eyes and add to snowman.  Make snowman smile from red yarn, and glue on other accessories:  ribbon scarf, buttons on belly.  Let dry.

Wrapping Paper Name Plate:

Supplies: leftover Christmas wrap or other scraps of paper, cardboard, construction paper or other coloured paper, pencil, glue

Directions: cut cardboard into large rectangle – approximately 15 cm tall, and wide enough to fit child’s name in block letters.  Cover cardboard with construction paper or other coloured paper, making nameplate.  Write child’s name in block letters across nameplate.  Rip wrapping paper or other paper into small pieces.  Spread glue around the inside of first block letter.  “Scrunch” ripped papers onto block letter by placing onto the glue and then pushing paper towards itself.   Fill entire letter with scrunched paper.  Repeat with all letters of the child’s name.  Let dry and hang on bedroom door or other display area.

Fun Facts About Arts and Crafts – Snowy Scenes


Many pieces from the Canadian ‘Group of Seven’ artists depict snowy Canadian scenes.  The group of Seven held their first art exhibition in 1920.  Before this, many artists believed the Canadian landscape was either not paintable, or not worthy of being painted.


Kitchen with Kids – Microwave Rice Pudding

Soft and fluffy like a snow bank, but warm and creamy for a cozy winter treat!  The kids can help with stirring and measuring.  Serve this pudding warm or cold.

  • 1 cup water
    •    ½ cup raw rice
    •    dash salt
    •    3 tbsp butter
    •    2/3 c sugar
    •    3 c milk
    •    2 large eggs
    •    1 tsp vanilla
    •    cinnamon to taste

In microwave safe bowl, mix rice with salt and water, and cook on high until tender.  Stir in butter, milk, and sugar.  Cover and microwave on high for 8-10 minutes, or until mixture boils.  Beat the eggs and whisk a couple of tablespoons of the hot mixture into eggs (to prevent eggs from curdling).  Add a little more of the mixture to eggs while whisking, and then add eggs back into pudding bowl.  Microwave uncovered for 1-2 minutes, or until pudding bubbles on the sides.  Add vanilla and cinnamon, if desired.  Cool before serving.

Simple Science- Melting Snow

There’s plenty of it outside, so use some snow for this simple science experiment.  Collect two bowls of snow.  Make sure that there’s roughly the same amount of snow in each bowl.  Leave one bowl standing, and stir the snow around in the second bowl.  Which bowl of snow melts first? Tip: instead of bowls, collect snow in jars.  Shake one jar while leaving the other standing.  Which jar of snow melts first?

Five Minute Fun – Paper Snowflakes

Scissors and paper are all you need to create beautiful snowflakes for your window!  Simply fold a piece of paper over several times, and then cut random shapes into the paper.  Open paper to reveal a unique wintry snowflake!  Tape your snowflakes to the window panes, or hang them using pieces of dental floss or thread. 

Made with Love for Valentine’s Day

Help your child create one-of-a kind unique Valentine’s Day Cards with our exclusive Valentine Card making kits .  Choose a class pack of 24 mini cards for your child to give to classmates, or standard size cards (packages of 8) to send to close friends and relatives.  A crafty way to make Valentine’s Day just a little more special!  Check our card selection here.

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Kids Craft Ideas for January 2008

Ring In The New Year!

January means a little more sunlight each day, but the cold weather and snow (or threats of it!) are here to stay for a little longer.  Celebrate the winter weather with these simple snowy craft ideas

‘Winter Night’ Painting:

Supplies:  Black or blue construction paper, white paint or crayons, other ‘winter’ looking supplies: white pieces of paper, aluminum foil, cotton balls or white facial tissue, snowflake shaped confetti, icing sugar, cornstarch, or flour, white glue or glue stick.

Directions: Create a winter scene using white paint or crayons on construction paper.  Use aluminum foil to create a skating pond or to make icicles.  Cut out paper ‘blocks’ to make an igloo or use a hole-punch to make snowballs.  Add piles of snow with cotton balls.  To make a blizzard, dab some glue or glue stick onto the page and sprinkle with icing sugar, cornstarch, or flour.

Pine Cone Skier

Supplies:  Pine cone, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaner (cut in half), toothpicks, googly eyes, felt, glue

Directions: Use the pointed end of your pinecone as the head of the skier, with the flat end as the bottom.  Attach Popsicle stick ‘skis’ to the bottom of the pinecone using glue.  Shape pipe cleaners into arms, bending to make hands that will hold the toothpick ski poles.  Add googly eyes for face, and put a cap on top using a piece of felt.  

Drawing Conclusions

Research shows that drawing is an extremely important communication tool for children of all ages.  Drawing is a great way for parents and caregivers to relate to their kids.  Trish Musselle, teacher at General Brock Elementary in Vancouver, supports the research in her kindergarten classroom  “Everything we do in class has a drawing element to it”, she says, “the pictures bring out all kinds of stories that the kids wouldn’t otherwise tell.”  When supplied with a pencil and sketchpad, kids will create amazing drawings that can lead their parents to wonderful discoveries.

Jokes, Jokes, Jokes! 

Thanks to Elyjah and Indah, and their mommy Sharon, of Bamboobino , for these classic knock knocks:

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Amos who?
A mosquito bit me!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Andy who?
Andy bit me again!

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Figs who?
Figs the doorbell!

Five Minute Fun- Simple Snowman

Draw a snowman and ask the kids to decorate it.  Provide crayons, cotton balls, googly eyes, leftover pieces of fabric for scarf and hat, small buttons, twigs or pipe-cleaners for arms, etc.  To make it really simple, forego the extra supplies and simply use coloured paper for scarf, hat, buttons, arms…

Thinking Ahead…

Craft Caravan’s Valentine Card making kits are here.  Get yours early; entertain the kids with card-making all month long!  Two unique kits with custom designed Message Stickers – choose from ‘Cute Creatures’ or ‘Construction’; standard or class-pack sizes.

We’d love to hear about your crafts, jokes, or Five Minute Fun.  Let Us Know!

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Craft Idea: Make a three-dimensional paper snowflake

Make this beautiful three dimensional snowflake to hang in the classroom or at home!  This is a good activity for kids to do with their caregivers.  Caregiver or teacher will need to assist with stapling.  You will need:

  • Six equal sized pieces of square paper
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue stick or tape
  • Stapler

What to do:

  1. Fold all six pieces of paper into triangles.  Starting at the folded edge, draw parallel cutting lines that extend from folded edge to centre of triangle.  Make sure your cuts stop just before reaching the centre of triangle so that the paper remains a single piece
    practice cutting skills with three dimensional snowflake craft
  2. Cut along the cutting lines and then unfold the paper.  Find the loose corners of the smallest square on your paper, and bring them in together, taping to secure
    Paper snowflakes to decorate classroom winter theme
  3. Flip your paper over, and bring the next set of corners together, again taping to secure
    Simple craft idea for snowflake or winter craft theme
  4. Continue flipping paper and bringing corners together until you have completed the square.  Repeat for other 5 squares
    paper folding and cutting craft to make snowflakes
  5. Hold ends of 3 snowflake pieces together, and staple through ends.  Staple through sides of snowflake pieces where each piece touches the next one.  This will keep your finished snowflake from flopping over

    how to make a 3D paper snowflake

  6. Staple together all six ends to complete your snowflake.  Use a piece of string to hang from the ceiling, or tack or tape to the wall.
    Snowflake craft theme winter craft theme 3D paper snowflake

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Craft Idea: Popsicle stick (craft stick) snowflake

Make a snowflake by winding yarn around craft sticks!  Fuzzy yarn, or yarn with some sparkle or shimmer will make your snowflake twinkle as it hangs on display!

You will need:

  • 3 craft sticks (popsicle sticks)
  • white or ‘snowflake’ coloured yarn

What to do:

  1. Lay craft sticks across each other so that they intersect at the middle and fan out in a star shape at the ends.  Consider gluing craft sticks in place so that it’s easier for little people to get started with the yarn winding
  2. Holding craft sticks in place, loop yarn around first craft stick where all sticks intersect, and then move yarn to second stick.  Loop around second stick and move to third stick, looping and continuing around the middle of the snowflake.
    Snowflake craft with yarn and popsicle sticks
  3. Continue looping yarn, working around in a cirlce and moving towards the outside edge of craft sticks.
    how to make a snowflake with yarn and craft sticks
  4. When you reach the outside edge of your snowflake, loop and tie yarn to end of one of the craft sticks.  Snip end, leaving enough yarn to make a hanging string for your snowflake
    How to make a snowflake with craft sticks and yarn

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