Crafty Ideas for January 2013: Valentines cards and bookmarks, winter crafts, and hearts in disguise

February Kids Craft Club: Hearts in Disguise

 hearts in disguise - make heart animals, heart birds, fun with hearts Join the Kids Craft Club to receive February’s craft supplies! If you look very carefully, you can find heart shapes in all sorts of animals.  This month we’re starting with colourful hearts and transforming them into birds, bears or any other animal.  Make a bird mobile, create a collage, make a butterfly, or come up with your own ways to disguise your hearts.  Everything you need to make hearts in disguise is included in February’s Kids Craft Club package.

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Last Chance for Valentines Cards and Bookmarks!

February is almost here, which means there are only a few days left to order Valentines in time for the Big Day!  Order Today

Make 24 Cards with card making supplies Make Bookmarks with Valentines craft supplies Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers

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Most of North America is covered in snow right about now, so we’re thinking snowflakes and snowmen. Check out these fun craft ideas and a simple crystal growing science experiment too.

Winter: Three Snowy Crafts

Make a three 3 dimensional snowflake with paper and scissors How to make snowman paper chains Simple snowflake craft for kids
Craft Instructions:
3D Paper Snowflake
Craft Instructions:
Super Simple Snowman paper chain
Craft Instructions:
Easy Craft Stick Snowflake


Simple Science: Crystal snowflakes

Snow Theme Grow Crystals make snowflakes with borax Explore science with this simple snow-themed activity for kids.  Make crystals with a few supplies.  Find instructions here


New Pins: Winter and Snow Themed Crafts

 cute paper mitten garland Find some of our favourite winter and snow inspired craft ideas here.


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Crafty Ideas: Three Easy Valentines Day Crafts

1. Heart on a String

The picture says it all:

Kids Craft For Valentines Day Heart on a String

2. I Dig You Valentine

This one would be great for little boys in particular!  Use blue or green hearts instead of pink or red if your little guy prefers.  We made a black shovel, but your kids might choose a brighter colour similar to the bright plastic sand shovels every child owns.

You will need two colours of construction paper, glue, scissors, and a marker,crayon, or pencil crayon for this craft.

I Dig You Valentine Craft 1. Make the scoop of your shovel – from black construction paper, cut a rectangle.  Trim the rectangle so that bottom edge is slightly wider than top edge.  Fold top and sides over to give your shovel some dimension.  To do this, fold the edges, snip the intersecting corner, and glue edges together.

2. Make your shovel handle – cut a long thin rectangle from construction paper.  Fold it in half to make it appear thicker.  Fold the end of the rectangle over to glue to edge of shovel scoop

3.  Cut out a heart in the same colour as your shovel to make the top of your handle.  Glue heart in place

4.  Cut out a heart in contrasting colour.  Write the message ‘I dig you Valentine’ in the heart.  Glue into scoop part of the shovel

Tip: to simplify, simply draw a shovel shape and cut it out in one piece, omitting folding for dimension.  This could be good cutting practice for little ones!

3. Frilly Fancy Heart Valentine Card

Make a Valentines Day card for kids You will need cardstock or construction paper, one piece of facial tissue, scissors and glue for this craft

1. Cut a large heart shape from your cardstock or construction paper

2. Fold facial tissue in half and cut a small heart along fold line.  Glue to centre of large heart

3. Cut another heart shape around space where small heart was cut, and discard.  Then cut a third heart shape around the space, making it bigger than smallest heart but smaller than your large construction paper heart.  Glue onto card

4.  Make your frilly edge – tear strips of facial tissue.  This is easy to do by folding the tissue along it’s natural fold line, and then tearing from fold towards open edges of tissue.  Once you have several strips, make a line of glue all around your large heart edge.  Place end of one tissue strip along glue line, and then push the rest of the tissue onto the glue line.  Continue pushing tissue strips onto glue, making a frilly edge.

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