Crafty Ideas for January 2013: Valentines cards and bookmarks, winter crafts, and hearts in disguise

February Kids Craft Club: Hearts in Disguise

 hearts in disguise - make heart animals, heart birds, fun with hearts Join the Kids Craft Club to receive February’s craft supplies! If you look very carefully, you can find heart shapes in all sorts of animals.  This month we’re starting with colourful hearts and transforming them into birds, bears or any other animal.  Make a bird mobile, create a collage, make a butterfly, or come up with your own ways to disguise your hearts.  Everything you need to make hearts in disguise is included in February’s Kids Craft Club package.

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Last Chance for Valentines Cards and Bookmarks!

February is almost here, which means there are only a few days left to order Valentines in time for the Big Day!  Order Today

Make 24 Cards with card making supplies Make Bookmarks with Valentines craft supplies Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers

 Valentine Card Kit

 Valentine’s Bookmarks
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Most of North America is covered in snow right about now, so we’re thinking snowflakes and snowmen. Check out these fun craft ideas and a simple crystal growing science experiment too.

Winter: Three Snowy Crafts

Make a three 3 dimensional snowflake with paper and scissors How to make snowman paper chains Simple snowflake craft for kids
Craft Instructions:
3D Paper Snowflake
Craft Instructions:
Super Simple Snowman paper chain
Craft Instructions:
Easy Craft Stick Snowflake


Simple Science: Crystal snowflakes

Snow Theme Grow Crystals make snowflakes with borax Explore science with this simple snow-themed activity for kids.  Make crystals with a few supplies.  Find instructions here


New Pins: Winter and Snow Themed Crafts

 cute paper mitten garland Find some of our favourite winter and snow inspired craft ideas here.


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Winter Craft Theme – Penguin Paper Bag Puppet

Penguin Paper Bag Puppet
Penguin Paper Bag Puppet

Supplies: black paper bag, orange, black, and white paper,  template for penguin paper bag puppet

Step 1: Print Penguin puppet template and trace the pieces onto coloured papers.  Use Black for the wings and inner eyes, white for the belly and eyes, and orange for the beak and feet

Step 2: Glue penguin belly to bag on the side where the flap opens.  Glue white eyes to flap.  Glue black eyeballs onto eyes.  Glue wings to either side of belly and glue feet.

Step 4: Make penguin beak:  Lift flap of bag and add glue to the underside of flap, on top and bottom.  Push folded end of penguin beak into glued area of flap and squeeze flap together so mouth is firmly pressed onto puppet.  Let your craft dry.

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Craft Theme: Snow and Winter

I live in Vancouver, which gets relatively little snow in the winter compared to the rest of Canada (sometimes none!).  So, when the great outdoors get a little snowy, the kids get a little crazy with excitement.  Our back yard is currently coated in a blanket of snow, but snow is always short-lived here, so it likely won’t last much longer.  Here’s a list of five (actually six!) craft supply ideas for snow-themed crafts, so we can make our snow days last a little longer when the rain decides to wash the real snow away.

1. Cotton Balls

Snow craft supplies - cotton balls The classic craft supplies for winter themed crafts.  Cotton balls already look like a snowball, so all the kids need is a little glue and a piece of paper so that they can create snowmen, snow forts, and other snowy day pictures.  Ripping the cotton balls up into smaller pieces is a fun tactile activity that creates whisps of snow or snowbanks.


2. Paper Doilies

 Craft supplies for snow theme - paper doilies different sizes can be used for small, medium, and large ‘snowballs’ on a snowman picture, or sponge on some glue and sprinkle glitter to make a sparkly snowflake

3. Shredded Paper or paper confetti

 Craft Supplies for snow theme - recycled paper shred Put your paper recycling to work by running old bills and statements through the shredder to create long strings of snow.  Tear, rip or crumple paper shred into snowy scenes or 3-D forts.  Use a sprinkling of white paper confetti to make a blizzard.  A blizzard looks especially intriguing if it’s created on black paper with white pencil crayon or crayon drawings, and lots of paper confetti.


4. White Yarn or String

white string for winter craft theme or snow craft theme  Use white string or yarn in any number of ways: glue it on to paper to make a pretty design, press it onto a glued pattern on waxed paper, leaving it to dry into a peel-off snowflake, pull it through white paint to create an abstract snowy painting, or integrate science by making a borax icicle


5. Shaving Cream

 Practice letters with shaving cream or whipped cream craft Play in the snow indoors!  Spray a small quantity of shaving cream onto a washable placemat or table surface.  Kids can use their index fingers to practice tracing oversized numbers or letters in their ‘snow’.  Gently wipe the letter away and start all over again


6. Food Items from your Kitchen

Sugar cube igloo craft for winter or snow theme The kitchen is overflowing with various items that can be used to create a lovely snowy scene.  Use flour or icing sugar for a dusting of snow, sugar cubes to create 3-dimensional snow projects such as igloos or snow forts, shredded coconut for larger snowflakes, and whipped cream for a big dump of snow!  Most of these ingredients could be integrated into a baking project too – make Gingerbread with a dusting of icing sugar, and serve with whipped cream and a sprinkling of coconut.  Wouldn’t that be great after a big play outside in the snow?

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