March 2013 Craft Ideas for Kids: Spring crafts, St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas

March Kids Craft Club: Eggcellent Eggs

 Kids Craft Supplies for March crafts Easter crafts spring crafts

Join the Kids Craft Club to receive the March craft supplies!  Whether you celebrate Easter or want to enjoy the pending arrival of spring, the March Kids Craft Club package is just what you need to get crafty with the kids!  Build a bird’s nest and snuggle some eggs or baby chicks into their nesting spot, or decorate some eggs to make them fancy

Start your Kids Craft Club subscription with the March crafts! Join Kids Craft Club

Spring Break Crafts and Activities!

Spring break is a mere couple of weeks away, and we have crafts to entertain and educate.  Collage your way through the days by decorating an art folder, a picture frame, a storage box, and gift tags, make some puppets and then build a pupppet theatre to put on a show, or try a new spring craft every day  Order Today

Kids Crafts for spring break - collage kit Felt puppet craft kit for kids spring break crafts 6 spring crafts for kids

 Crazy for Collage Kit

 Felt Puppet Kit
 Celebrate Spring Craft Kit


Pinterest: St. Patrick’s Day Crafts St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so get inspired with crafts including rainbows, shamrocks and leprechauns! See ideas here. 

Monthly crafts for kids

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Kids Crafts for March: St. Patrick’s Day crafts, Spring break crafts, and more

March Kids Craft Club: Rainbows and Butterflies

March Crafts for Kids Rainbow crafts pot of gold crafts mobile craft butterfly craft The March Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the entire rainbow!!   This month look for butterflies to arrive at your door, in all the colours of the rainbow!  Make a rainbow mobile, decorate butterflies, or make a spring collage!  But wati!!  Which colour of the rainbow is MISSING??  How can you add that colour into your creations?  Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the March crafts.  Subscribe here.

Spring Break Craft Supplies – only a few left!

Spring Crafts and Spring Craft Supplies

(Available in limited qty)

A great activity package for spring break or a rainy day.   Stock up on spring crafts with this craft supply package!  Includes:

  • lacing disk, thread, and needle
  • Sticky butterfly collage board
  • 4 piece plain puzzle to decorate
  • Weather weaving mat and weaving strips
  • Bird or butterfly stained glass shape
  • Cardstock Flower to decorate
  • Decorating supplies (papers, shred, shapes, etc) & idea guide


Winner: Crafty Green Envelope Draw

Congratulations to Abigail, whose name was drawn from the entries received in our Crafty Green Envelope contest!  Look for your spring break crafts in the mail Abigail!  Thanks to all of the Kids Craft Club members who entered the contest – we’ve included a couple pictures below 🙂

Abigail's Pet Shop Utility Belt Maya's Green Robot Green Envelope Hat

St. Patrick’s Day Event – ShamROCK with Bobs & Lolo!

We’ll be seeing green with the fantastic Bobs & Lolo at their ShamROCK on Saturday March 17th!  Join us for some crafty fun and an awesome musical performance.  Check out their video blog to find out more (there’s a clue about what crafts are in store!)


St. Patrick’s Day Simple Science – Fools Gold

chemistry experiement for kids - fools gold

Are your pennies worth more than just one cent?  Find out with this fun ‘FOOLS GOLD‘ science experiment!  If your’e seeing green, that’s a good thing!

St. Patrick’s Day Craft Ideas


St Patricks Day crafts on pinterest

View our collection of St. Patrick’s Day Crafts on our latest crafty pin board.  Fantastic craft ideas from across the web.   Or, print and colour this rainbow and draw what you might find at the end of it!

Spring Break Explosion!

How to Make a Volcano Science Experiment for kIds Spring break will erupt with fun when you make this volcano explode!  Find the directions for this super simple science experiment here.  PS.  Double the batch of play dough and you’ll have play dough for the kids that will last a few weeks in the fridge!

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March Kids Craft Club, Five St. Patty’s Day Crafts, and Party Crafts

Chasing Rainbows – February Kids Craft Club

Rainbow Image Weather Crafts and Rainbow Crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!   If you’re not already in the club, there’s one week left to subscribe for this craft package.

The weather in March is often unpredictable, leaving us ‘puzzled’ about what to expect day after day.  Make your own weather puzzle with this month’s Kids Craft Club supplies.


And, with St. Patrick’s Day falling in the middle of the month, kids are on the lookout for leprechans and pots of gold.  We know where leprechauns hide their treasure, but for some reason it seems like we can never catch the rainbows that we spy!  Make some special rainbow chasing glasses and wear them to complete your rainbow chasing mission.

Subscribe by February 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of March.

Kids Craft Club Interview – Elizabeth

Craft Club Interview Check out our latest Blog Post, which includes our first Kids Craft Club member interview!  Elizabeth has been participating in the club for 18 months and she told us why she likes doing crafts, and what some of her other interests are .  View Elizabeth’s interview here.

Want your child to be the next Kids Craft Club member featured in our Blog?  You can find the ‘interview’ questions here.  Submit your completed interview to Craft Caravan and we’ll randomly draw the next posting.

Simple Party Planning with Themed Party Crafts

Super Hero Mask Craft  Make your party planning a little easier by choosing one of Craft Caravan’s party crafts.  Whether you’re planning for a houseful of super heros or a palace of princesses, our party crafts will make your party a little more simple to plan, and a lot more fun for the kids!

**Your party crafts can be personalized with bright letters to spell the name of each child!  Your party guests will love decorating a craft with their name on it.

Five Crafty Idea and Activities for St. Patrick’s Day

Treasure Hunt

The quintessential St. Patty’s Day activity – set up a treasure hunt with some coins, a piggy bank, or a special treat as the hidden treasure.  Offer written clues (clue one leads to clue two, clue two leads to clue three, etc) or play hot/cold (you’re getting colder, warmer, hotter!) until the kids discover their treasure.  Continue the game by letting someone else hide the treasure next round.

Green Celebration Lunch

Veggies can be fun if they follow a theme, and this theme is all green!  Include serving plates of lettuce and cucumbers, along with bowls of peas and broccoli (cooked or raw).  If your kids are hesitant to eat their veggies, include a side of their favourite dip (ours like ranch dressing), or serve the veggies in a novel way – our girl loves frozen peas and eats them by the handful while frozen, but won’t eat them cooked.

Leprechaun Beard and Moustache

Cut some construction paper into the shape of a pointed beard and a curly moustache, then decorate with brown, black, gold, or orange yarn.  Scotch tape below your lip and on your chin – your leprechaun face will help with the treausure hunting for sure!

Handprint Clover / Shamrock

Trace two sets of handprints on green paper and cut them out. Tape or glue them together on a green construction paper stem, in the shape of a four leaf clover.  Add some green sparkles if you have them on hand.  Super easy, and handprint crafts are always a big hit!  Let the kids practice their cutting skills by doing their own cutting of the handprints.


Another simple craft but a great way to learn the colours of the rainbow and to practice patterns.  Cut rainbow strips from coloured papers and make a rainbow chain to string across the room.  Put the strips in correct rainbow order – red, orange, yellow, green, blue purple, repeat.  This is a fun craft for a few kids to help with – everyone at daycare or playgroup can take turns finding and adding the next colour to the chain.

Card Kit Giveaway – ‘About Me’ Scrapbook Making Kit

About Me Scrapbook Making Kit Congratulations to Heidi, who won this month’s card making kit draw from our homepage!  We’ll be contacting Heidi by email to get shipping information for your Scrapbook Making Kit . You can enter next month’s draw here.

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