March 2013 Craft Ideas for Kids: Spring crafts, St. Patrick’s Day craft ideas

March Kids Craft Club: Eggcellent Eggs

 Kids Craft Supplies for March crafts Easter crafts spring crafts

Join the Kids Craft Club to receive the March craft supplies!  Whether you celebrate Easter or want to enjoy the pending arrival of spring, the March Kids Craft Club package is just what you need to get crafty with the kids!  Build a bird’s nest and snuggle some eggs or baby chicks into their nesting spot, or decorate some eggs to make them fancy

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Spring Break Crafts and Activities!

Spring break is a mere couple of weeks away, and we have crafts to entertain and educate.  Collage your way through the days by decorating an art folder, a picture frame, a storage box, and gift tags, make some puppets and then build a pupppet theatre to put on a show, or try a new spring craft every day  Order Today

Kids Crafts for spring break - collage kit Felt puppet craft kit for kids spring break crafts 6 spring crafts for kids

 Crazy for Collage Kit

 Felt Puppet Kit
 Celebrate Spring Craft Kit


Pinterest: St. Patrick’s Day Crafts St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, so get inspired with crafts including rainbows, shamrocks and leprechauns! See ideas here. 

Monthly crafts for kids

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Crafty Ideas for January 2013: Valentines cards and bookmarks, winter crafts, and hearts in disguise

February Kids Craft Club: Hearts in Disguise

 hearts in disguise - make heart animals, heart birds, fun with hearts Join the Kids Craft Club to receive February’s craft supplies! If you look very carefully, you can find heart shapes in all sorts of animals.  This month we’re starting with colourful hearts and transforming them into birds, bears or any other animal.  Make a bird mobile, create a collage, make a butterfly, or come up with your own ways to disguise your hearts.  Everything you need to make hearts in disguise is included in February’s Kids Craft Club package.

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Last Chance for Valentines Cards and Bookmarks!

February is almost here, which means there are only a few days left to order Valentines in time for the Big Day!  Order Today

Make 24 Cards with card making supplies Make Bookmarks with Valentines craft supplies Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers Valentine's Day Phrase Stickers

 Valentine Card Kit

 Valentine’s Bookmarks
 Critters Stickers

 Construction Stickers


Most of North America is covered in snow right about now, so we’re thinking snowflakes and snowmen. Check out these fun craft ideas and a simple crystal growing science experiment too.

Winter: Three Snowy Crafts

Make a three 3 dimensional snowflake with paper and scissors How to make snowman paper chains Simple snowflake craft for kids
Craft Instructions:
3D Paper Snowflake
Craft Instructions:
Super Simple Snowman paper chain
Craft Instructions:
Easy Craft Stick Snowflake


Simple Science: Crystal snowflakes

Snow Theme Grow Crystals make snowflakes with borax Explore science with this simple snow-themed activity for kids.  Make crystals with a few supplies.  Find instructions here


New Pins: Winter and Snow Themed Crafts

 cute paper mitten garland Find some of our favourite winter and snow inspired craft ideas here.


Kids Craft Club feedback from a happy customer

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Crafty Ideas for April 2012: Spring Crafts, Flower Crafts, and Eco Craft Supplies

April Kids Craft Club: Spring ‘Tweet’

Spring Tweet Crafts Earth Day crafts Egg crafts bird crafts The April Kids Craft Club package is brought to you by the colours yellow, pink, and blue Spring is full of new beginnings, and this month’s Kids Craft Club will be celebrating with spring tweets!  Make and decorate some baby birds and give them a nest.  And don’t forget about earth day this month too – make a planet earth picture with your Kids Craft Club supplies. Start your  Kids Craft Club subscription with the April crafts!

Spring cleaning – save on Eco-Friendly craft supplies!

Kids Craft Supplies - recycled crayons

We’re re-organizing our craft closet with some spring cleaning.  Help us clean our shelves – Save 10% on craft supplies with coupon code ‘springcleaning’ until April 27th.  Choose from Eco-dough, natural powdered paints, recycled crayons, and more! See all craft supplies.

Concert Event – Music with Marnie!

We’re joining Movies for Mommies Vancouver at the upcoming Music with Marnie concert on April 21st at the Rio Theatre!  Join us for craft time before the show!  Doors open at 10:30.  Find more details or puchase tickets at Marnie’s website 


Three Ways to Craft Spring Flowers

paper flowers paper tulips origami tulips spring flowers craft

Impatient for spring flowers to start growing?  Make your own!  Here are three fun ways to make spring flowers with the kids

More Spring Craft Ideas

Pinterest Crafts View our collection of Spring Craft Ideas on our latest crafty pin board.  Fantastic craft ideas from across the web.  We particularly love this fun Spring Flowers Hat


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Kids Craft Club for Groups, Halloween Crafts, and more!

Feasting in the Fall – November Kids Craft Club

Apple craft and corn craft Join in on fall fun with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  Only one week left to subscribe for this craft package!

Corn and apples are two fall time favourite foods.  These foods are special because they can be used for eating, or for decoration!  Make an apple craft with this month’s Kids Craft Club, but watch out for a sneaky surprise in the middle!  Then decorate a patchwork cob of corn that’ll look way too pretty to eat!

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Introducing the Kids Craft Club for Groups!

Puppet Crafts After many months and many many customer requests, we’re pleased to introduce our Kids Craft Club for groups! If you meet with a regular playgroup or operate a small daycare, we’ve got a crafty solution for you!  Join the Kids Craft Club and receive a package of crafts for 4, 6, 10, or 14 children.  Make daycare or playgroup even better with the Kids Craft Club!

Enter to Win a Box of Recycled Paper Pencil Crayons!

Earth Friendly Pencil Crayons We’re running a contest on Facebook right now, and it’s so easy to enter!  Just leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what you do with your child’s finished arts & craft projects.  Take pictures?  Frame them?  Scrapbook them?  Stack them in a pile?  Let us know for your chance to win!

Tip: Join our Facebook Group or watch our Twitter feed for upcoming giveaways to introduce our great selection of eco-friendly kids craft products!

Christmas Cards & Christmas Gifts

Christmas cards for Kids

Season’s Greetings Cards & Christmas Cards

Many people like to plan ahead for Christmas, and sending Christmas cards is usually one of the first tasks on the list.  Making cards by hand gives your Christmas wish a personal touch and it’s a great craft for the kids!  Our Christmas card making kits are now online for purchase – check them out!

Kids Craft Club – PreORDER for Christmas Gifts

A Kids Craft Club subscription is a great way to extend Christmas excitement throughout the year!  If you’re shopping for an early Christmas gift, sImply wirte ‘Christmas’ in the comment section of your order form, and your child will receive their first craft project right after Christmas!

Crafty Idea – Pumpkin Decorating

Sugar Pumpkin Decorating Craft Carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and a great family activity, but the bulk of the work usually falls to mom, dad, or caregiver.  If your kids want to get a little more ‘hands on’ try decorating pumpkins instead!  Check out our Pumpkin Decorating article on the blog archive at

Five Minute Fun – Handprint Ghosts

Gear up for Halloween with this simple activity!  Trace your child’s hands on white paper, with fingers closed together, making sure that you finish your tracing where you started it, for a completely enclosed shape.  Cut your ‘ghost’ shape out and draw or glue eyes onto ghost at the top (near the ‘heel’ of your handprint). Footprints make great ghosts too!

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Crafty Ideas April 2010

Barnyard Babies – May Kids Craft Club


Spring is full of new life, which means the barn yard will be full of wobbly legs and new little voices.  Use this month’s craft supplies to fashion your own baby barn yard animals – whether it be a calf, a lamb, or even a little foal, your pretend barn yard will soon be full of little animals learning to walk under the watchful eye of their proud owner – you! 

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Just Arrived!  Our New Website!

  We’ve updated our website to make it easier for you to use, and we’re excited to know what you think!  Take a look at our new site here.  Leave us a comment, and also visit our new blog to stay connected with new crafts and activity ideas more regularly! (Note – we updated our newsletter format as well)

Some things we hope you’ll enjoy on the new website:

Crafty Idea – Twiggy Blossoms

Make a Twig blossom with tissue flowers!
Supplies: twig or branch (found on the ground), small tissue squares in pink or white, glue 


  1. Make sure that the twig you’re using is dry
  2. Dab a drop of glue onto the twig. Pinch tissue together around the twig, gluing it together and scrunching to make it look like a blossom.
  3. If wrapping the tissue around the twig is too difficult, simply scrunch tissue and stick into the glue on the twig
  4. Repeat with tissue squares up and down the length of your twig branches so that your twig is now in full bloom
  5. Display in a vase or bottle


Crafty Idea – Name That Monster

If you met a monster with the same name as you, what would it look like?  Make your monster to find out!  Thanks to our Crafty Girl’s school teacher for this fun idea!

Supplies: construction paper or other paper, pencil crayons, crayons, or markers, decorating supplies such as googly eyes, pompoms, yarn, fabric pieces

Make a Monster from your name!

  1. Fold your paper in half, lengthwise
  2. Print or write your name across the entire length of the paper, making sure that the folded edge is at the bottom of your name
  3. Cut the paper around the tops of the letters of your name
  4. Open the paper up, and turn it over so that your name is underneath.  Now you have your monster body (see photo)
  5. Decorate your monster by adding a face, colouring, and/or using decorating supplies.
  6. Just like you, every monster will be unique!

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How to Get Ready for Craft Time

Kids come with different ages, interests, and aptitudes, so it’s no surprise that some kids would choose to spend all day working on crafts while others would prefer playing soccer or climbing on a jungle gym.  But whether your child is ultra-crafty or mildly uninterested, there’s no disputing the contribution craft time makes to early childhood development – fine motor skills, creativity, and logical thinking (to name a few) are all challenged in different ways through craft projects. Knowing your child’s preferences and aptitudes will help ensure a successful craft time for everyone.  Here are a few things to think about when you’re planning to get crafty:

1. Who will be doing the craft project(s)?  Does your child like to work solo or do they prefer to work together with you?

Some kids like to work independently and will need minimal help getting started, while others may look to mom or dad for their contribution, as they’re using the time to socialize with their adults.  If your child works independently, you can check in with them periodically, while the social child will need more of your focused attention.

2. How much structure does your child like?  Do they prefer a lot of guidance before they jump into crafts, or do they just want to dive in?

If your child likes structure, you could make some suggestions for craft projects, or show them how they can use craft materials.  If they prefer to dive in, it’s probably enough just to have the craft supplies available to them so they can get started

3. What is your child’s attention span?  Which craft supplies should be used?

Keep craft projects simple and open ended if your child is quick to move on to new activities.  If you child likes to focus for longer periods of time, more elaborate projects can be planned.  Choose supplies that are easily managed by the kids – if they can’t control the amount of glue or paint they pour out, put dollops of these items onto an old plastic lid and use popsicle sticks or paint brushes for spreading.  Put sparkles and decorating accessories in small bowls or plates to avoid dumping everything at once. Ensure that the supplies or ideas you provide are not overly complex for the level of attention they have – this can lead to frustration

4. What time of day works best for your child to concentrate on focused activity/fine motor skills?

If your child has the soccer ball in hand and is ready to run outside and do some dribbling, sitting down to the craft table will be a hard sell.  However, if they are easing into the day, winding down from a long day, or just need some quiet time, doing crafts might be just what they’re looking for.

5. Where is the best place for your child to work?

Ask yourself this question keeping in mind your child’s needs, and your own as well.  Do they prefer to stand, crouch, or sit?  How messy will they get, and do they need an apron or old t-shirt?  Is it better to take the craft project outside?  Find a location that will work for them and for you.  A little mess is unavoidable – minimize frustration and restrictions by choosing a workspace that can be messed up and easily cleaned up.

For preschool and early elementary kids, the goal of crafts is simple exposure to new activities and skills.  A few minutes of preparation from a parent or caregiver will go a long way towards holding your kids’ interest in their craft projects. Choosing the right place, time, and materials is the first step in making craft time fun for your kids.

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