Crafty Ideas September 2010

Spin a Web – October Kids Craft Club

Spider web craft Join in on fall fun with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  Only one week left to subscribe for this craft package!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could build a web, just like a spider?  With this month’s Kids Craft Club craft supplies, you will have what you need to do just that!  Make a spider web and then craft a spider finger puppet to sit in your web, just waiting to catch it’s prey. You can become a web designer with the Kids Craft Club – a spider web designer that is!!

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New to Craft Caravan: Eco-friendly craft supplies!

Earth Friendly recycled crayons Now craft time can be more eco-friendly than ever, with our new selection of environmentally conscious craft supplies!  Perfect for your child’s arts & crafts bin, or as a gift item.  Choose from natural paints, natural modeling dough, recycled crayons, newspaper pencil crayons, and more.  Watch our website and facebook page as we introduce even more great eco-friendly craft supplies!

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Fall Crafty Idea – Wise Old Owl

Many species of owls have feathers in browns and oranges that are reminiscent of fall.  Put some fall leaves to good use with this simple craft!

Supplies: brown paper bag, white & black construction paper, fall leaves, orange felt, glue

Owl Paper Bag craft Directions:

  1. Find two fall leaves that have pointed edges, and glue them into place for ears
  2. Cut oversized eyes from white and black construction paper, and glue them into place
  3. Cut a diamond beak and claws from orange felt, and add to your owl.  You’re done!


Put the FUN into Fundraising!

Scrapbook Making Kit for Kids Fundraising doesn’t get any easier than this!  If your child’s group or organization is looking for ways to raise funds, contact us about our Card Kit fundraising program!  A fundraiser that’s truly for the kids – raise funds and have fun!  Visit our website or contact us for more information.


Fun Fall Facts – Spider Webs

Did you know that ‘spider webs’ are what we call webs that are still being used, while ‘cob webs’ is the name for webs that are abandoned?

The silk that spiders use for their webs is amazing because it’s strong, elastic, and sticky.  Scientists are still trying to reproduce the properties of spider webs for human use!  A spider’s silk has as much tensile strength as steel!