Kids Craft Club for Groups, Halloween Crafts, and more!

Feasting in the Fall – November Kids Craft Club

Apple craft and corn craft Join in on fall fun with crafts from the  Kids Craft Club!  Only one week left to subscribe for this craft package!

Corn and apples are two fall time favourite foods.  These foods are special because they can be used for eating, or for decoration!  Make an apple craft with this month’s Kids Craft Club, but watch out for a sneaky surprise in the middle!  Then decorate a patchwork cob of corn that’ll look way too pretty to eat!

Subscribe by October 23rd to receive this craft package at the beginning of November

Introducing the Kids Craft Club for Groups!

Puppet Crafts After many months and many many customer requests, we’re pleased to introduce our Kids Craft Club for groups! If you meet with a regular playgroup or operate a small daycare, we’ve got a crafty solution for you!  Join the Kids Craft Club and receive a package of crafts for 4, 6, 10, or 14 children.  Make daycare or playgroup even better with the Kids Craft Club!

Enter to Win a Box of Recycled Paper Pencil Crayons!

Earth Friendly Pencil Crayons We’re running a contest on Facebook right now, and it’s so easy to enter!  Just leave a comment on our Facebook page telling us what you do with your child’s finished arts & craft projects.  Take pictures?  Frame them?  Scrapbook them?  Stack them in a pile?  Let us know for your chance to win!

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Christmas Cards & Christmas Gifts

Christmas cards for Kids

Season’s Greetings Cards & Christmas Cards

Many people like to plan ahead for Christmas, and sending Christmas cards is usually one of the first tasks on the list.  Making cards by hand gives your Christmas wish a personal touch and it’s a great craft for the kids!  Our Christmas card making kits are now online for purchase – check them out!

Kids Craft Club – PreORDER for Christmas Gifts

A Kids Craft Club subscription is a great way to extend Christmas excitement throughout the year!  If you’re shopping for an early Christmas gift, sImply wirte ‘Christmas’ in the comment section of your order form, and your child will receive their first craft project right after Christmas!

Crafty Idea – Pumpkin Decorating

Sugar Pumpkin Decorating Craft Carving pumpkins is a lot of fun, and a great family activity, but the bulk of the work usually falls to mom, dad, or caregiver.  If your kids want to get a little more ‘hands on’ try decorating pumpkins instead!  Check out our Pumpkin Decorating article on the blog archive at

Five Minute Fun – Handprint Ghosts

Gear up for Halloween with this simple activity!  Trace your child’s hands on white paper, with fingers closed together, making sure that you finish your tracing where you started it, for a completely enclosed shape.  Cut your ‘ghost’ shape out and draw or glue eyes onto ghost at the top (near the ‘heel’ of your handprint). Footprints make great ghosts too!