Crafty Ideas March 2010

Springy Activity 

  Spring break is upon us, which means five fun-filled days of having the kids all to ourselves.  If you’re staying close to home during the break, you might want to have a few clever activities in your back pocket.  Here’s our list of ten fun things you can do with the kids at home!

Ten Springy Activities for Spring Break

Sprout Some Seeds
1. Sprout Some Seeds – fold 2 paper towels in half.  Moisten towels.  Place one on a lunch plate and sprinkle your seeds (such as snowpeas, beans, or squash) on top.  Place second moist towel on top of seeds, and move plate to a draft free location.  Keep towels damp by spraying with water when necessary.  Your seeds should sprout by the end of the week.  If you’ve chosen snowpeas, you can plant them directly in the ground once sprouted!
2.  Wash the windows – this may be work to us adults, but it’s child’s play to the kids!  Minimize the spills by giving them wet cloths and rewetting when necessary, instead of leaving them to their own devices with the water bucket!
Footprint Rainbow Craft 3.  Make rainbow footprints for a treasure hunt – trace footprints in all the colours of the rainbow.  Number them and take turns laying them out to lead to treasure!
4. Decorate a pot and plant something – a great way to play in the dirt without getting TOO dirty!  To decorate, consider markers, sidewalk chalk, stickers, sparkles, paints, etc.
 Count Some Coins 5. Roll some coins – kids love sorting, and the bigger ones can learn about coin value.  Plus, they’d be helping mommy and daddy with the finances!
 Thank You Card 6. Make and send a card – Grandma and Grandpa or that special relative or friend will be thrilled by an unexpected, handmade surprise in the mail!  Get the ball rolling with our selection of Card making Kits
 Orange Peel Bird Feeder 7. Make a bird feeder – we repurposed an orange peel into a feeder.  Simply scoop out half of an orange, let it dry slightly, poke some holes with a skewer, and fill with seed.  String the feeder up in your yard
  8. Build a fort – blankets and chairs and kids, oh my!
 Paint with a flower 9. Paint something unusual – water on tiles, diluted food colouring on bread, or WITH something unusual, such as spring flowers dabbed in paint, toy cars rolled through paint, or bubble wrap as a paint stamper
 10. Go on an ‘I Spy’ walk around the neighborhood – in search of new buds and spring flowers.  Take sketch books in case you feel inspired to draw what you see.