Every Day is Earth Day

Earth Day has come and gone but we can make every day earth day!  Here are some things we can do every day to help keep our Earth Healthy.  Brought to you by the Craft Caravan Kids Craft Club:

  • Keep our earth beautiful by making less garbage!! Reduce the number of things we buy and use, Re-Use the things we have, Recycle the things that can’t be re-used.
  • Keep our Air Clean – Walk, run, bike, scooter, or skate instead of riding in the car – cars use gas, which makes smelly fumes that go into our air (yuck!) So go out and get some exercise for your body!
  • Save Energy – Turn off the lights when you leave a room! If we use less energy, we will have to make less energy, which is good for the earth.
  • Save Water – Turn the water off when you’re brushing your teeth to make sure we have enough water all the time.
  • Plant a tree (or any plant) – plants help clean the air, and they give insects and animals food or shelter

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Five Reasons to Love the Kids Craft Club

Wondering abou the Kids Craft Club?  We’ve been sending craft packages to kids around North America (& the world!) since 2007!  Here are a few reasons why kids and their parents love the Kids Craft Club!

Why adults love the Kids Craft Club:

  • Time saver – no more scrambling for craft ideas and supplies; we send them
  • Boredom buster – crafts for a rainy day or quiet time with parent or caregiver
  • Fun learning – hands-on activities to develop creativity, critical thinking, fine motor skills
  • Eco-awareness – craft supplies are recyclable and made with recycled content where possible, and packaging is recyclable and biodegradable
  • Great Gift idea – a unique gift that keeps on giving every month!  Perfect for long distance family and friends.
Monthly craft packages sent to your door!

Why Kids Love the Kids Craft Club:

Kids Crafts in the mail every month
  • Guaranteed craft time –  just open the package and get crafty!
  • Exciting calendar based craft themes – new materials to explore every month
  • New discoveries – develop new skills and learn about each project theme
  • Fun Mail – who can say no to a bright green envelope with your name on it?

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My First Blog Post

Hello world!

Craft Caravan is doing an overhaul to our website, and along with the many changes you will see on the site, we are also starting this new blog.

We are new to the world of blogging but look forward to sharing our many craft ideas and kids activity suggestions on a more regular basis.  It’s possible that we may also ramble on about education, parenting, or the environment from time to time as well, as these are things that we are very invested in, and have a lot of opinions about.  It’s also possible that we may get comfortable enough with the idea of writing a blog to dive right in and change the ‘we’ in reference to ourselves to ‘I’, since the blog will be written, almost in its entirety, by one single person, ie. me.  🙂  So, stick with us as we venture into new territory, and see how we evolve…..  And now for some Craft Caravan news –

If you like to do crafts with your kids and need ideas, receive our monthly ‘Crafty Ideas’ Newsletter (new link to be provided shortly!), delivered to your inbox.  Our next issue is due out any day now and will include some spring time ideas as well as a very cool moster craft we were introduced to by our Crafty Girl.  We have also written many articles that you can read here.  The Kids Craft Club for May promises to be a lot of fun for little ones, as it’s all about baby barn yard animals.  We haven’t found a child yet who doesn’t like to work with fluffy balls of cotton to create a wee sheep.  And finally, we are pleased to announce our fundraising program, now booking fundraisers for fall 2010.

That’s it for our first blog post  – hope you enjoyed it!!

Until next time,


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